Tuesday 6 October 2009

Oh Peppers....no rain :-(

OK...kind of an odd title I know but I was hoping it would make you want to read....I think my title is probably the most exciting thing about the post though!!!

I have to say I have been very bad and haven't even visited my plot since I put the gravel down...(I hope it's settled nicely now) and I just know I will have lots of beans that are now too big to pick and also plenty to harvest...than there was that left over chilli plant...and the marrow....oh cripes!!! I guess I'm off down the allotment tomorrow....I'm sorry I neglected you my dear leftovers!! :-(

Well I got up this morning to darkness...and as the sky lightened I saw dreary clouds and that was all...and then the rain started....the problem is there wasn't enough rain to improve anything so I am still no better off and although I will visit the plot tomorrow I know it will still be too dry to dig!!!!!

pepper plantYay...peppers!!

On the plus side my Peppers have started to be actual peppers....they are coming along nicely and although they may not get much bigger with the weather now getting colder there are quite a few that are of an edible size. I did nip out quite a few of the shoots a couple of weeks back as there were LOTS of flowers blooming and I wanted the plants to concentrate more on the veg it had already produced with us being so late on in the season. I don't know if this was the right thing to do but it doesn't seemed to have harmed the plants. The peppers have done quite well in the mini greenhouse and I think I may purchase an extra one next year for the soul purpose of growing peppers!!


  1. I would gladly send you our rain, but I'd like a trade for some warmth. We're expecting a hard freeze by Friday.

  2. I love peppers. I tried several times to grow them and they would just get started and then it was kind of like they would dry rot. Never did get any good ones.

  3. I love peppers too Ann...I hope they taste good when I finally pick them!!!

    Yes please send me your rain tpals...not sure I can trade it for warmth though....that is rapidly disappearing!!

  4. We had a downpour yesterday. I'm sure it will have done some good at the allotment. Back to sunshine today though, and it's lovely and warm too. I waited ages for my peppers to ripen, and they're yellow now. I was hoping for some red ones but it wasn't to be.

  5. Nipping them out sounds pretty logical to me, think I would have done the same! Certainly hasn't done them any harm!

    I'd put up pics of my peppers but they are, well, non-existant! Nice leaves though! LOL

  6. There are so many things that we can cook with these peppers. Chinese food are enjoying this ingredient. Thank you for dropping by Tanya :)

    I had followed your Google Friend Connect too.
    Have a beautiful days ahead! :)


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