Thursday 8 October 2009

What to do with the chillis!!

I had a really good crop on my chilli's this year. I had 3 plants on the allotment...I didn't grow these myself but bought them from the allotment store at the bargain price of 20p a plant.

It is the first time I've grown chilli's and I will definitely grow them again next year!!

I froze some of my chilli's...first I chucked them in a pot of boiling water for about 30 seconds to blanch then and bring out the beautiful green colour and then sealed them in freezer bags immediately and when they had cooled put them in t
he freezer.

drying chilli's
Drying the chilli's

Some of the other I have chosen to dry...I am air drying them by threading them on to a piece of cotton and then hanging them up....some of them as they are drying have started to turn this normal for a chili??? Not ever having grown them before I really don't know!! When they have finished drying I am going to chop them up roughly and put them in a grinder...(you know the kind you use for salt and pepper)....that way people can add an extra touch of hot to their meal if they wish to...I usually do!!

red and green chilli's
See them turning red??

What do you do with your chilli's???


  1. I don't do anything with them, I'm not a fan of hot stuff, but that's pretty cool.

  2. We've grown them once, but since they went right into my salsa, I would not have a clue whether they turn color when drying. I have heard that they will turn red the longer they stay on the plant. Great idea to dry them! Thanks for the tip!

  3. we make pickles of chillies can try that too.....its really good........\,,,/

  4. Usually I just cut them in small pieces and mixed with salty soya sauce to complete a meal with.

  5. 'fraid I don't know much about the turning red! I do like Chilli so chillies are a must for that. But a nice thing to try is using them when making chocolate mousse! - there's recipes on the web, sounds a bit odd but tastes great!

  6. mmm never tried them in chocolate mousse Rosie...but it can't be all that bad...after all it has chocolate in it!!

    Vanilla Seven...i eat quite a lot just as they are picked but with three plants there were just too many...never mixed them with soya sauce before..another one to try..thanks :-)

    I've never made chili pickle either so thanks for another idea hitesh rawat!

    Thanks for visiting tahtimbo.

    Sorry you don't like chili's Ann My hubby would definitely be with you there!!!

  7. So funny I just found your site with this... I did a post yesterday on a really good jalapeno (chili) vinegar you MUST try.. it is easy and we put it on almost everthing :

    I am jealous of your crop!!!

  8. Hi Katherine...thanks for visiting I have looked up the recipe and I will definitely be giving it a try :-)

  9. We just freeze them in plastic bags, straight from the plant. Don't see any need to blanch them first. We then use as frozen, chopping them up as required. Works well, and they last a good year like that.

  10. Gary Jen and Ruby...thanks for that...I have just harvested my last chilli plant and I am going to go with the straight in the freezer idea...I think I'm getting a little lazy so late on in the season!!


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