Sunday 11 October 2009

Winter dig is finished!!

I got up this morning to a dreary looking sky and wet paths and gardens. As the son rose higher above the horizon it burnt away the clouds spreading warmth over the fields beyond my windows and that was when I decided that i was going to get the digging finished today....before the earth got to wet and heavy and the air too cold!!

So off I went to the allotment...I still had quite a lot to
do but as I had already took out the few weeds that had sprouted up and took up the remaining chilli plant, cabbages and leeks yesterday it really was a case of just digging. I went in the frame of mind that i wouldn't leave until it was all finished and that is exactly what I did. I think it took me a good couple of hours none stop digging...(and a lot of sweating...eewww!!) get it finished but I was very pleased when I came home and showered knowing that i was sorted for the winter!!!

I still have my runner bean plants in as they are still producing but I think it will be only a few weeks now before they come up as well. My broccoli and brussel plants are all looking quite healthy and I am hoping for a good crop next spring!!

I have to say after what i started with at the beginning of the year I am giving myself huge pats on the back for the accomplishments I have made this year. The allotment still isn't exactly as I want it but I know that by this time next year I will have everything in place...(at least I hope so!)

Doesn't it look great??


  1. Its good to finished all the work before winter come. Rest is sweeter after hard work :)

  2. Do you knit? You won't know what to do with yourself now!

    Well done

  3. alright, now you can just sit back and plan for next year :)
    I tried to drop on you today but your wildget says thanks already even though I haven't clicked it. I've even tried refreshing the page a couple times but no luck. Ah well, I'll be back tomorrow :)

  4. ha ha, me again. right after I posted my comment it changed to drop instead of thank you (weird) so I dropped after all

  5. It does look good Tanya - and you do deserve a pat on the back. Well done you!

    Jeanne x

  6. Thanks for all the comments...I am still very pleased with myself..oh and Mal's allotment...funnily enough I am just learning to

  7. It's looking great, Tanya. I wish I could say the same about mine. I've still got lots of work to do.

  8. You're so lucky! I thought I'd be digging my allotment by now but still no signs - I'm on the verge of giving up and either signing up to landshare or digging over the local grass verges to plant veg.

    Did you get any chestnuts by the way?

  9. Congratulations on your accomplishment. That's a lot of work and I'm guessing you have a freezer full for the winter? I'm guessing that you probably do a lot of canning, too...

  10. thanks all for making me feel proud all over again.. :-)

    Tracey no i haven't been and got the chestnuts yet...hopefully this weekend!!

    earthtoholly...yup...plenty in the freezer!

  11. This brings back long ago memories of going to places like that with my grandparents. Every time I see plants in a market of any kind I think of them.


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