Sunday 8 November 2009

Autumn allotment planting.

Well I finally managed to get down the allotment this weekend so I can actually write a post ABOUT the allotment...after all, it is an allotment

Well I only went down really to out some broad beans in. The weather has been nice in my neck of the woods this weekend so it was perfect weather for planting. I decided to plant the broad beans in my raised bed as the earth is very fertile here an
d it needed no preparation...laziness really but at least they are in!

Out with the lettuce and in with the beans!!

I had to take up the lettuces first but probably just as well as we are predicted some ground frosts this week.

A few weeks ago I went up and planted some garlic in the raised bed and I was very happy on my visit to see one shoot coming through which is an improvement on the last time I planted garlic as none of it grew...but I will tell you about that another time!!

garlic shoot
My first EVER garlic shoot..yay!!


  1. You wait and see Tanya, before long you will be eating garlic with everything! Good to hear you've managed to get out in the allotment!


  2. When I was growing up, my dad planted a garden in our backyard every year. He always used to grow leaf lettuce, he liked it, I hated the He never did grow garlic though. I'm not familiar with what a broad bean is though.

  3. It was lovely here at the weekend too. It made a change to be able to get up to the allotment again.

  4. Mmm, love broad beans. Wish I had the space to grow a bumper crop - still no sign of my allotment!

  5. Your lettuce did a lot better than mine. Garlic is something that I've been meaning to plant for the longest. Hopefully next year.

  6. I remember one year when my dad planted lettuce. We had so much that we had to give most of it away. He grew up on a farm, and he used to always plant the biggest garden we had room for.

  7. The lettuces looks so fresh! The soil are indeed very fertile and good :)

  8. And there's another award for you on our allotment blog - we hope you will accept it!


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