Friday 27 November 2009

The Peppers are finished!!!!

So here I am as promised with a post for you about gardening...or the lack of it depending on how you look at it!!!

Well my peppers have been an ongoing saga over the season and today with the sun bright in the sky and the wind a little easier than it has been of late I decided it that it was time to take the pepper plants up.

pepper plant
The Pepper plant looking a little sorry for itself.

I hadn't actually had any peppers off the plants even though I knew there were some there as they really didn't get big enough to pick but with the weather now getting colder (though it is late November so I guess I really can't grumble!!) I decided it was better to have a few small peppers than none at all!!!
green peppers
It doesn't look like too bad a harvest.....

Needless to say all the peppers were green and I didn't have a prayer of them ever turning any other colour but I did get a few small ones and they are edible so it wasn't the worst harvest in the world.

green peppers
However this was the biggest of the lot!!!

I have now decided that next year I will plant in tubs and keep them in the little greenhouse from the offset hoping that this way I will have a better pepper crop next year and we might even get to eat some with our summer salads!!! As it is this year they will be tossed into stir-fry's...or at least one stir-fry ....maybe two if they can stretch that far!!!

Wish me better luck for next year!!!!


  1. That's a good size! My red ones were much smaller!

  2. They look great Tanya. I agree, quite often I get better results when I plant in pots and tubs rather than straight in the ground. Enjoy your stir-frys!


  3. I try and grow peppers every year and nearly always fail to produce much. So I think you have done pretty well.

  4. This brings back memories of the last garden my family had when I was a kid. My parents planted a lot of peppers that time. It was summer, and while they both had to work, there was no school for us kids. I was the oldest, and in charge, so I made lunch every day. I began to learn how to use that garden very well. That year I learned to like peppers and use them in very creative ways because we had so many of them. I still love them on hamburgers.

  5. Well you're peppers may not be the biggest but they are better than what I got the last time I tried to grow some. Stir fry sounds good.

  6. Wow. How did they taste? I've toyed with growing peppers but never thought I'd get enough sun for long enough in Seattle. Any tips?

  7. The peppers look fine, Tanya. I grew mine in containers in the greenhouse but all the peppers were attacked by something, I never found out what, and had little holes in all the fruit. I moved them outside onto the patio and this remedied the situation and they actually turned colour too. Good luck for next year.

  8. Thanks for all the comments...I guess having a few small peppers was better than getting none!!

    Cromley I don't see why you shouldn't give growing peppers a try...provided you have them somewhere pretty sheltered to start off with they should grow quite don't especially need direct sunlight to make them grow as long as you have night and day you should get something. I hope you give it a try and let me know how well you get on.

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  10. Those peppers are gorgeous. It's very difficult to find good ones at the store. Even when I shop at a organic stores they are still not as nice as yours!


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