Friday 6 November 2009

Remember, Remember...what it's all about!!!!

Well it has officially passed....Bonfire night has come and gone again although we will no doubt be hearing the bangs and screams for another couple of nights yet.

bonfire nightIt was just a small family gathering.

We bought a few fireworks of our own this year and let them off in the garden as the organized displays are quite far away and to be honest have got a little ridiculous.

bonfire night
With some smiles!!

It seems to me that people have really forgotten why November the 5th is all seems to be about making money now with stalls and rides at some of the big displays which are organized...and I can't remember the last time I saw a guy on a bonfire. Does anyone remember doing 'penny for the guy'???

bonfire nightNot the prettiest of the fireworks but I was a bit rubbish at taking photos!!!

When I was a kids Guy Fawkes night was celebrated in the neighbourhood with all the neighbours clubbing in together and the kids used to make a Guy and go around and collect pennies for it which then was put towards fireworks and food. It was a big community thing and it's a shame that it no longer happens. I guess with all the people moving around these days and commuting so far for work you don't get to know people so much. It really is a shame that things like this have changed...I feel sad thinking that my grandchildren won't have that safe sense of community I had as a child.
And does anyone remember mischievous night??? I certainly do, though I probably won't remind the kids of that one!!!

bonfire night
And how many men does it take to light a firework???lol

So what did you all do for bonfire night??
Do you/your kids know why it's celebrated??

What is your most memorable Guy Fawkes night??


  1. I have to say that I have never heard of bonfire night or Guy Fawkes night. And what is this mischievous night? sounds interesting. From your pictures it looks like it must have been fun.

    Also want to tell you that I have an award for you on my blog.
    Have a good night :)

  2. Being in America, I don't know this day. It sounds fun though. A few of our holidays are similar, but not the same.

  3. Our bonfire night when I was young was going to the village fire which was built from 'donations' given by everyone in the area. The scouts made a guy and he was parked on the top. The American Airforce base nearby would come down with their big grills and cook burgers for everyone. The money raised by the 'penny for the guy' bought the burgers.
    After that it would be back home where there would be more burgers and our own little display in my parents garden and we got all the neighbours round.
    Now the big one has gone commercial, the Airforce Base has gone, the guy is not taken round anymore and the money for it is raised by the stalls and rides - bit sad :( The village has almost doubled in size too so it has lost the community feeling, with so many people.


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