Saturday 12 December 2009

The 100th post!!

Well here it is folks....the 100th post for 'allotments4you'!!

I actually wanted to make this a really big post about 'something', and it was going to be but I kind of find myself at a loose end at the moment (and I haven't been able to say that in a few weeks) and I just felt like writing so I fear that this is going to be a load of twoffle (don't think that is even a real word) about nothing and waste my moment of glory...oh well there will always be my 200th post I suppose!

So why do I find myself at a loose end??? Well it's just past midnight on a friday evening and when all is quiet in the house and everyone is sleeping peacefully I feel I can't sleep for fear of the little boy snoring softly on the floor in the lounge by the firelight (don't worry he is on a matress) who spent the last couple of hours throwing up. It wasn't pleasant but I'm hoping that he has now emptied his system and will sleep through the night...the last time he was sick he was so tired he could barely sit up bless him and until I know he has settled for good then I will not be able to settle for a little shut eye myself on the sofa.

Outside there is a fog rolling down the street and the clock softly ticks on the mantel.....times like this I find I always end up reflecting on my life....I love the peace and tranquility of a dark winters out in the country it is so quiet...sometimes you can hear the distant clacking of a train on the tracks but that is about all and I certainly don't envy anyone living in a town or a city.

I live in a humble little house on the edge of a village surrounded by fields and just a two minute walk from my is the perfect setting...and when I visit my allotment it is in such a location that you are surounded by fields and wildlife....what could be more perfect??

Maybe now is as good a time as any to tell you a little more about me?? But then again does anyone really want to know??? After all it's an allotment blog and apart from the location I haven't mentioned my allotment at all...(course that could be partly because I have been so neglectful over the last six weeks I haven't even set foot on it...whoops!!)

So where does this post go from here??? I haven't got a clue...I can tell you that my left arm is numb and my fingers are tingling due to the 'swine flu' jab I had earlier...and that is going to remain my excuse for any bad spelling mistakes...well that and the fact that I am using my Hubby's laptop...(It's ok...he's tucked up in bed too so he'll never know!!) and I always find it more difficult to type on one of these things!! Does anyone else out there find laptops more cramped up than a P.C.?...I suppose they have to be more compact but I find myself always catching extra keys with my nails....yes guys I have nails...but only because it's winter so they don't get so worn down like in the summer when I'm in the garden or on the allotment all the time ( Oh allotment reference...I think that's two now...impressed yet??).

Well I have just read back through what I've written so far and it really is a load of old tosh with nothing of value or importance at all...I sit here wondering what you would like to know in my time of reflection...and I haven't got a clue whether any of you are interested or not......ooohh...the snoring has stopped but he still sleeps peacefully...hope it stays that way for him....

I think when I first fired up the laptop I did have something to write...but now for the life of me I can't remember what...maybe I'm going little senile?? Or maybe it was of just so little importance I can'r even get it to float back into my head...or maybe it's just because it's so late and quiet that things want to keep floating in and out of my brain...(I think I have one!!)

Do you want to know the really bad thing? I actually have posts to write up that are to do with the allotment (YAY...A third reference.....ooohhh it's fun to type the word reference...try it!!) but I just haven't got around to it lately...everything becomes so busy in december with sorting out presents and cards and getting everything posted in time so you don't forget anyone that I have barely sat down at the computer and then when I did get chance had to spend ages reading up on the blogs that I follow the other night and posting comments....if you are one of those blog owners I am sorry I was so neglectful and please know that I will keep coming by and enjoying your blogs even if I don't get chance to post a comment....erm, think I went a bit off topic there...but I won't delete, because lets face it, where would be the fun in that!!

Oh yes...posts...hang on a mo...he's stirring.....nope it was more sick....sat up, opened his eyes...then laid down and we are back to snoring softly again...why did I even write that??? It's not like you would have known I'd left the computer...doh!

The posts...yes...I have several topics to cover..all of which are allotment (that's four!) related and I am seriously going to get back into the swing of things again and get these posts up on my blogs before christmas...and before they no longer have any relevance..which I suppose is kind of stupid because they will always be least more relevant than the garbage I am writing right now...but let's face it that wouldn't be hard would it!!

So where do I go from here?? Should I tell you about the posts that are to come?? No because that would mean I couldn't change my mind...and I like to keep my options I have to see about geting visuals..(that only menas photo's but it sounded good!!) too.

Well I have just glanced a the clock and we are now getting close to 1am so I think I should maybe call it a night...maybe I'll put a movie on..I bought 'My Sisters Keeper' earlier in the week which I haven't watched yet so I think that is the way to go for the rest the night.

Oh...we are going to be sick again.......

Hope you all are sleeping well and I will be back in the next day or so with a post about alloments!!


  1. I think you wrote a wonderful 100th post. As for knowing more about you, why not. Yes it is an allotment blog but are you not a part of that allotment? My blog is a photo, scrapbooking editing blog but it's turned into a "what kind of dribble can ann write about"
    I especially liked this post because now I know I'm not the only one who's mind works so randomly. Hope your son is feeling better soon.

  2. Please don't say things like you going to be sick again. Somehow our body reacted to what we are saying. You going to be fine and healthy through this winter Tanya, you and your family.

  3. Happy 100th post! You wrote a good one. I write like this all the time, with my real intended post waiting to be written. Sometimes this kind ends up even better than those.

  4. Thanks peeps...
    Vanilla Seven..when I said that we were going to be sick again I meant at that very moment.

    Ann...I probably should have said but it wasn't my son who was was my nephew who was visiting so at least my sis. got a restful night!!

    Ratty, glad you enjoyed the post...and I'm sure my next one will be a lot more mundane..however I will try to brighten it up with pictures!!

  5. Happy 100th post! I just recently posted for the 100th time too and all it got was a short footnote. I probably should have done something to celebrate, but I am drowning in things to do.
    Your description of how you live in the country, the quietness and the subtle way you bring your family-members into the text make your text inviting; your son's illness,your lack of sleep, and your sleeping spouse's laptop paints a picture of you world.

    I think lots of bloggers have trouble staying on the exact subject-area of your blog. (I am still working on this problem with my own blog-texts.) Sheila from "Ad Master" has some interesting articles about how to stay on course with your subject matter on your blog. Check out:

    Did you read the receipe for pumpkin pie that I sent to you a while back? Something to keep in mind for next year maybe. I did not have the time to make mine

  6. What a cool 100th post, I loved it.

    Yep my finges get caught on the other keys when I have to use a laptop too.

    Reference, referance, hey! that was fun to type :)

    I hope your nephew is feeling much better an I look forward to your planned posts.

  7. I hope that you have no more sicky people in your house now! My wife had the swine flu jab a few days ago and the next day had to drive to work 30 miles away with a numb left arm. I this was an "interesting" journey. Happy 100th post!!

  8. I quite liked reading this! Following along with your thoughts made it feel like a post between friends.


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