Wednesday 17 February 2010

11-17 February...Update 2..week 7.... 2010 this is my second weekly update so far..the title on this one is kind of long but don't worry it will be a lot shorter next week as it will just be the week number and dates...(at least I think that's the way I'm going with them!!) It states week 6 as it is the 6th week of 2010 and I figured this would be easier to follow in months to come...(or maybe not and I am just waffling to make a post that is more than a few lines long!!!)

So what have I done since my last post??? Well not much to do with the allotment to be honest!!

We are halfway through half term here in England and yesterday was a gloriously (though cold) sunny day and the perfect time for a visit to the allotment, however I had decide to do the 'Mum' thing and had 5 teenagers for a sleepover Monday night and then invited my nephews for dinner on the neither take several teenagers to the allotment at once....or....leave them in a house alone. So I didn't get to the allotment and today just hasn't been so nice...very damp and cold with heavy rain on and off. I know we have had warmer February's than this as I remember doing my first lawn cut in this first half term of the year...but not this year..._;(

Anyway I did go to the allotment once in the past week...and I do have to admit that I was dragged there by Kate who had got hold of some horseradish and wanted to plat it. Now we all know how wild horseradish grows so we decided to plant it on the back divider that goes into the field so it will not impeded onto any of our least that's where I told Kate to plant it and she has decided that it would be a fine place. Kate was very adamant we had to plant it the day she visited me as she has decided to plant her stuff this year according to the moon calendar and it was horseradish day according to the moon so it was planted. I have to admit to doing nothing other than keeping company and snapping a shot of Kate planting...but she did dig me up a couple of leeks so I got a little something out of it too!!

planting horseradish
Kate planting the horseradish!!

I don't know anything really about the moon calendar but I think I will have a little look into it to see what it's all about.

Apart from that I have manged to learn two new crochet stitches and had a girls night at the weekend with the kids which included baking, face-masks, Karaoke and was fun!!!...Did you want to see those photo's too??? No, of course you don't!!


  1. Hey you endure all the stuff I post on my blog, Anything you want to show off here I'll enjoy seeing and reading about :)

  2. Glad you got your horseradish, Tany. Now watch it go!

  3. Our horseradish is sprouting - it's been planted for several years only so far we haven't dared use any and then one of the hairy bikers put on goggles to cut some up so we are even more wary of it! People passing just think its a huge dock that we have missed!

  4. Five teenagers for a sleepover at once? You're brave! I still haven't done anything on my allotment yet, the ground is just too claggy.


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