Thursday 25 February 2010

Weather Watch Wednesday...week 8 2010

Well as seems to be the norm of late and for this time of year nothing has been going on down the allotment or in the garden.

The weather has warmed up slightly over the last couple of days and we managed to reach 5degrees at one point. Snow hasn't fallen from the sky since late Tuesday evening and because of the warmer temperatures although it settled it melted quickly and was gone by morning. However the rain comes more often and not and most mornings are met with frozen fog.

dreary skiesDreary skies.

The gardens look damp and dirty and there still is no life in the hedgerows, however my Lily-of-the-valley is making a brave attempt and has started to show it's face but not any flowers as yet.

Lily-of-the-valley showing that spring is nearly here.

On the plus side I have finished knitting up the front of my jumper with a little (well actually quite a lot!!) of help from my Mum who kind of re-wrote a pattern that even to her educated eye made no sense...Just the sleeves to go now!

Haven't done any more crocheting as I am still waiting for the next installment of my magazine to arrive. I hired myself a book from the library on Tatting today though so I will have a look at that and see how I get on whilst I'm waiting for the weather to warm up.

I think spring is on it's way though, but I will believe it has really arrived once my crocuses have bloomed, it's nice to still have daylight at roll on summer!!!!


  1. Looking forward to see your new jumper Tanya :)

  2. I hope you'll be posting that jumper once you get it done. I've always loved the way tatting looks but have never tried it.
    Hope you see those crocuses blooming soon. We had some warm weather for a few days but another snow storm is hitting us now.

  3. A few signs of spring here - a few spring bulbs are trying to sprout and I have seen some snowdrops out. Still feels like winter though!

  4. Warmer weather is getting closer every day. I've been closely observing the days get longer as the weeks go by.

  5. It doesn't seem as though spring is nearly here to me. It's pouring down today, and I'm fed up. I love lily-of-the-valley but I don't have any in my garden, it's on my wish list.

  6. Its good to see the days lengthening but it still feels like winter to me. Today is wet, cold and windy! Well done with the progress on your jumper.

    It will be a grand day when your Lily of the Valley makes an appearance!


  7. The lily of the valleys are early aren't they? They are my birthday flower - my mum always picked a bunch of flowers for my birthday in May. Sadly she is no longer around to do it.

    I have now knitted a back and two sides of my long cardigan so I am hoping it will be completed before the weather is too hot to wear it! How's that for being hopeful - warm weather - what is that?

  8. Spring is right around the corner so don't fret.

  9. Hi Tanya would love to see your jumper my winter downtime is spent knitting socks!

    Chitting parsnips is done on blotting paper if you are posh or damp kitchen roll if you are not. Once the seed begins to sprout pot up into loo rolls quickly. Get in the garden before the root grows through the other end of the loo roll. A root check will probably mean a forked parsnip. I like to do it this way 'cos I hate thinning them out and it is still too cold at the lottie.

  10. Hard to read against the black background


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