Wednesday 10 February 2010

Weekly Updates start here!!

Well I have been looking out of the window the past couple of days wishing for the weather to improve and more often than not I see ice and snow flurries which is so not what I want to be happening. I was watching the white stuff fall thick and fast earlier today convincing myself that this time last year I was bust up the plot and that the days were sunnier, longer and a damn sight warmer...then I think to myself...'Were they really??? Am I just imagining it??'

With this in mind I have decided to do a weekly update...This is more for more own benefit so I can look back and see what is happening from year to it gives me a chance to rant a little about the appalling English weather...and to keep a kind of log as to what I have done and when to see if I am up to speed with things from year to year!!

So at present NOTHING is happening in the allotment...the gardens are still pretty much dormant although I do see the odd bulb poking through here and there.

I am in desperate need of fresh air and vigorous digging but I don't think it's going to be happening anytime soon.

On the plus side, whilst the weather has been so miserable I have completed three 'Wii' games, (Sudoku Ball, Escape the Museum and Cate West The Vanishing Files).

Got on quite well with the jumper I have started knitting.
Taught myself to Crochet...well a little bit and read some great books.

Next week I may have more to report...then again the weather may still be bleak...but if that's the case i will just rant a little more!!!!!


  1. Know how you feel, Tanya. Don't worry, Spring will be here any minute... then we'll all be wishing it wasn't. May is SUCH a busy month on an allotment!

  2. Good way to keep track of things. You've been keeping yourself quite busy during the winter better than I have, I've just been wasting time in front of the computer. I haven't done much of anything.

  3. Ditto, more flurries today and yesterday my way too and things in the garden look just as bleak.

    The thing is you know it will be coming to an end, the question is WHEN???!!!

  4. Well you are keeping busy and having fun so that's all that counts. Spring will be here before you know it.

  5. I can totally sympathise with you, there's no digging happening here either because of the weather. It's my weekend off this week so I am going to start off my first seeds, I've got to do something gardening related.

  6. We just had about a foot of snow over the last two days. I just have a small garden in my back yard but we are advised not to plant until after mothers day. So we don't even start getting ready until April. This year I think I will start seeds in the house earlier.

  7. I know what you mean Tanya. I've only been able to plan things on paper and I'm desperate to get outside!

    Funnily enough this time last year it was snowing too, at least it was here in Suffolk, but previous years have been very mild. Oh well, there's nothing we can do and at least you've been keeping yourself busy!


  8. It's still sleeting here, I haven't bought my spuds yet, haven't planned what else I'm going to grow and can't blame it all on the dose of flu I've had ... but at least I enjoyed reading your blog! :)

  9. I've started knitting as well so far the back and half a front of a very long cardigan have been completed - hopefully the whole garment will be ready by winter next year.

  10. Somewhere under all that snow is my garden! I hope you get out there soon.

  11. Hi Tanya
    I'm sure thing will get better soon - they have to my peas are up in their toilet rolls.

  12. Tanya hope the cabin fever isn't too bad, hope this helps, yep there is an award for you on my blog.


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