Saturday 20 March 2010

Allotment work....FINALLY!!!!

Well I did it...I actually went up the plot this morning and did some real work. I awoke at 5:30am to glorious blue skies...(well it was getting there as the sun rose over the horizon!) and I thought 'YES!! I can get some real work done today!!!!'

Well my triumph was very short lived as by 8:30am the clouds had rolled in and the sky was a dark grey block. This however did not deter me totally and I dutifully went up the plot to get my first early potatoes in. Whilst there my Dad came to join me and gave me a hand with digging over and planting...all the while moaning about how untidy my bit looked and how neat he was...Thanks for the help Dad...I really appreciate it ...but at the same time.... :-P

diggingDad digging...well complaining about his back

Anyway the heavens opened up on us but we stayed to get the potatoes in and with the two of us at it and the ground so well prepared last autumn...(and this point I am grinning and patting myself on the back!!) it only took us an hour from start to finish...and that was with a break as well!!

So that is season has officially started!!

potato bedLovely dug potato bed!

Hubby went into town when I got back from the plot and he picked me up another mini greenhouse so now I can start planting my seeds..YAY!..

mini greenhouse
Mini greenhouse.

He also bought me some beautiful flowers...for no reason other than because he wanted's not a special day or anything so that made me very happy!!!

My beautiful flowers.

Oh and when I got back from the plot there was a letter through my's this years allotment fees. They have gone up by 100% which seems an awful lot I know but that still only puts a years full plot charge at £18 which I am more then happy to pay and then there are extra charges for water and greenhouses. In that letter was the rent for Plot 15 (which is the plot Kate and I share) and also the fees for plot 17b....yup I got the extra land I wanted so I am very happy...but also a little daunted to be back where I was two years ago knowing what a lot of hard work I have ahead of me...It's going to be worth it though as I have greenhouse plans!!!!


  1. Oh what a fabulous day you have had - throughly spoiled - which is lovely.

    Looking forward to seeing your greenhouse up and you new plot of land.

    Not sure if this comment is particularly 'relevant' in the true sense of the word, but I think it is encouraging to know that someone has visited and took the time to leave to a comment.

    Best wishes

  2. It is a fantastic feeling being outside pottering again isn't it. We have had a veggie patch for a while but have just started an allotent and I can't wait! Already planted a few things out - ooh I am so excited.

  3. So Tany, your rent has doubled....

    ...but you have twice the land to cultivate.

    Have I missed something???


    ps Re your 3 teir greenhouse - a good buy. My more ambitious "Walk In Greenhouse" got shaken to bits in the recent high winds. £20 not well spent. (I will reinforce it and peg it down again, but right now I feel like I've been had. At least I hadn't got any seedlings in it as they would have been upended)

  4. ps I'm with your Dad all the way on this one. Smiley.

  5. Well you had one fantastic day. How sweet that was of your husband to surprise you with flowers, they're so pretty.

  6. Congratulations on the new land and your impressive looking potato bed!

    Funnily enough I dreamed about you last night, you came along and snapped up 4 plots at our newly opened allotments which made me slightly panicky so I grabbed an extra one too!

    Dreaming about allotments and blogs has to be a sign of an unhealthy obsession I think!

  7. Lottie....I did have a very nice day....roll on summer! and don't worry, your comment was relevant.

    Scented Sweetpeas...I wish you luck with your allotment...hope you enjoy working on it as much as I enjoy mine!

    Mal...No the rent has doubled for my original land not just because i have extra land...last year I paid £6 and this year I pay £18..but still a good price i feel. As for my Dad...he was just being a Oh and O thought about going for one of the larger greenhouses but don't have the space in the garden for something so large and after what you told me I'm glad I decided against it.

    Ann...My hubby was very sweet...I love surprises.. :-)

    Tracey...Lol...dreams are funny things...I once tried to analyze them but it just gave me a headache...I think I'll agree that we have both have an unhealthy obsession as I dreamed of seeds and greenhouses last night...are you going to see if you can get another plot??

  8. Congratulations on getting the extra plot, more work ahead now. I'm jealous of you getting so much done, it was throwing it down here yesterday. What a lovely hubby surprising you with flowers like that.

  9. Another plot?! Think I'll tame this one first, if there are still some empty next year then maybe.

  10. Hi Tanya,
    I was a good week for us too. No potatoes in the ground yet though - next month's job!

    By the way our allotment plots cost nearly £70 each including £10 water rate so you have a bargain!

    MY sister fancies a mini greenhouse - do you recommend them?

  11. Green Lane Allotments... I do recommend the min greenhouses...If you are using them to start seeds off you can get three trays to a shelf. They are pretty light weight though so I have put half a slab on the bottom shelf of mine as we can get some high winds. They do the job well and they are great if you have kids because you don't have the glass worries. Also they dismantle easily for winter storage!! They are only £10 in Pound Stretcher this year.

  12. Looks like the ground ready for some serious planting! :)


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