Friday 12 March 2010

Hi ho, hi ho, it's back to work I go!!!

Well I don't think I have ever mentioned it before but I have a little gardening job that I's only a seasonal thing (obviously) and I don't have to cut lawns or anything but I do get to play around in the dirt lots and sort out plants and bulbs and stuff.

Today was my first day back after the long cold winter and as always for the first day out their it was a back breaker...and of course it was a cold wet day which the weather likes to do to me every year!!

Anyway I thought I would tell you about this as after all it is gardening and it is a very nice garden...and very large...I have took a couple of photos so you can see a little bit. One of the photos if of an 'Abolution' which has been over-wintered in the greenhouse and obviously knows something I don't as it already has some lovely buds coming. Maureen was worried that what had been stored in the greenhouse for the winter may have died with the harsh weather we have had this year but they are all doing well and forming new buds.

abolution buds
New buds on the Abolution

This next pick is an overall view of part of the back is a very big garden having more land out front than back and has some wonderful plants in it so as the year progresses i will share these with you and show you want I find just to give a little bit of colour to my blog and also at times maybe see if you can help me out with some of the plants that I find.

A part of the back garden.

Hoping tomorrow will be warmer and brighter so that I can get up the plot!!

I really want to get some work on done on the allotment now I've started gardening again!!!


  1. Oh joy of joys doing work that you love, everyone's dream.

  2. That sounds like a really fun job. Maybe not so much when it's cold and rainy but it sure beats being stuck inside with no windows on a sunny day.

  3. Its good to see greenery once again at your garden Tanya. Looking forward for more goodness from your garden :)

  4. Thinking of all the possibilities of a new year of gardening must be exciting. Seeing the progress of this garden as time goes on should be fun.

  5. It must be lovely to have a job which fits in with your hobby. We've got glorious sunshine today, though it's still rather cold, but it's nice to be able to get back outdoors.


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