Sunday 14 March 2010

I went to the Allotment!!!!!

Well yesterday I finally got to the allotment to get some work done. I was up early and the blue skies and rising sun gave me all the incentive I needed to make a date with the allotment although I have to admit I did leave it until after lunch when the temperature had risen a little!!

I didn't do any planting as such on the allotment but spent the time sorting and tidying and the kids came along to give me a hand.

The first task was the shed, it's only a little thing but boy had I crammed some crap in there plus the spiders had major parties over the winter so it was emptied out, rubbish sorted, swept through and then the good stuff put back neatly.

shed cleaning
Clearing the shed.

My sister bought me a redcurrant bush and I also planted that yesterday and my Nephew planted some sunflower seeds on the top border of the plot to make it prettier for summer and also to supply some seed for the birds come fall.

planting sunflowersPlanting sunflower seeds.

The other two major projects were to sort out the brussels and the runner bean canes. The canes had to be stripped of the left over debris from last year and the kids went through the pods looking for any good seeds to save...we found quite a few so pocketed those and brought them home with us.

collecting bean seedsSorting out the bean seeds.

Then for the brussels. I'm a huge brussel fan and had put a lot of plants in but didn't get a very good crop. The seedlings were in on time, netted so didn't get stripped but the caterpillars but they didn't produce a very good crop. A lot of them 'blew' before they were bigger than peas and a lot just didn't get any bigger than peas. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong. Because I had planted so many i got quite a few brussels but no where near as many as I had hoped...anyone give me any tips??? I did ask another allotment holder and they said that brussels just don't grow well on the allotment.....I think I will give it one more try this year so I'm all ears for tips!!

The Brussel plants.

In all we spent about three hours up there and it was a very enjoyable afternoon and then as I was leaving the Chair of the committee came and had a word with me...A meting is to be held on Thursday and that's when I find out if I get a bit more land. Fingers crossed for me peeps!!!!

Seriously what is wrong with my planting skills????


  1. Be glad you don't have MY planting Good luck at your meeting.
    It sounds like you had a great day

  2. Looks like you all had a lovely day on the plot I got in about three hours today myself, so I'm pleased as punch too.

    I'm no expert on brussels but have read and been told by many, that the ground needs to be very well firmed in around the plant's roots (and I stake my tall brassicus just be sure they don't get wind rock).

    Also I believe they like limed soil but that you should not lime the soil the same time as you apply manure as this creates ammonia in the soil which may burn the plant before it is leached out by the rain. So If you want to lime your brassicus beds then you do so at the time of planting and manure the beds in the autumn in readiness for the nest seasons crops.

    If you would still like to do both I think you can if you can ensure at least 3 months between each application (but research this further in case I have gotten the timing wrong).

    Goodluck with your sprouts this year and goodluck at the meeting, I hope you get your extra land too.

  3. All the best for your meeting Tanya. God's Favor upon you. Looks like its going to be a busy Spring! :)

  4. It must be satisfying to get back and get started. I feel that way if I miss a few days of hiking. I hope you get the extra land you're hoping for.

  5. Looks like you got plenty of work done on the allotment. My Brussels were the same, but I'm giving them another go this year. Fingers crossed that you get the extra land.

  6. Our sprouts were a disaster too this year - they aren't the easiest things to grow.

    Tidying the shed is on our list of things to do as we use it to entertain the neighbours to a coffee or two.

  7. Why not just forget the Brussels and grow something tasty instead?! ; )

  8. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you getting more land. Although this can be a bit of a mixed blessing; more land = more crops = more work!!


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