Wednesday 17 March 2010

Weather Watch Wednesday...week 11 2010

Well The skies are blue, the sun is shining....and there isn't a frost!!!!
Yes Folks, I really think Spring has arrived!!! We haven't had a frost in a few days now and the days are definitely warming up a little....the weather man even mentioned the possibility of double figures for today, though personally I think that's being a little

I haven't been down the plot since the weekend as I have been busy with the Mum/Wife stuff and also decorating my friends place which is taking a lot of time. Typical really, the weather picks up and my time is taken but seens as I am all dug over up the plot I'm not too worried....however I may be tearing my hair out this time next week if I am given the extra land which is in very bad shape!!

Oh yeah...this is supposed to be weather watch....erm..temps between 5-9degrees, sun warm when it comes out but the wind has a nasty bite to it...only two days of rain this week...and I have sen a few daffodils coming through too!!!


  1. Hi Tanya, you and me both the weather has also been favourable these pass few days but my kids are unwell again and so my lotty plans for Monday and Tuesday when into the tissue along with their snot (eww! sorry for being gross).

    The wind has also started picking up down here since yesterday in particular but I am hopping to wrap them up extra warm and bundle them down to the plot today, I want to get at least 3 hrs digging done as the rains are set to return on Friday according to the weatherman.

  2. After moving my seedlings into the greenhouse, I've been watching the night time min/max temperature. The lowest it's been is 4 degrees in there. You'll have your work cut out if you get the extra land, you'll be counting your blessings that you got your allotment dug over in autumn.

  3. It's hard to imagine. It's been in the 60's here, blue skies and warm. Although our weather is so strange that it could be in the 70's one day and pouring rain the next. I'm glad you are seeing signs of Spring.

  4. hope that weather gets warmed up for ya and you get some free time to enjoy it.

  5. The weather is coming along nicely here too. Today was almost a day we didn't even need to wear jackets. Spring is definitely here!

  6. Happy to see Spring finally came to your place Tanya :)


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