Wednesday 31 March 2010

Weather watch Wednesday....week 13 2010

Well outside right now the skies are grey and rain is threatening...this has been the weather for the last few days!!

Last week the Met Office was predicting an icy blast for us this week with heavy snow but this hasn't materialized and I'm sincerely hoping it won't. Some snow is forecast for the higher ground which thankfully doesn't affect me and I am hoping that it it won't come down off the hills to say hello.

I have my newspapers at the ready just in case the temperatures plummet and my seeds need protecting though.

Tomorrow is forecasting nicer sunnier skies but with a strong wind but I know the weather changes continually so I tend to look out the window more than take note of what is given out in the weather reports.

The wind has been quite strong and gusty and as I want to get the greenhouse moved on Friday I am hoping that the winds drop if only for a few hours then.

Haven't been to the plot at all but with Easter period starting this week I get some time off work so I am hoping for sun and mild temperatures so that i can make a good start on my new land and get some more planting done!

Hope the weather is being kind to all of you...a new month starts tomorrow so I am hoping a change in the weather too!!!


  1. Weather just WON'T improve, will it? It's beginning to feel like Narnia: always winter, never spring.

  2. We had a thunder storm last night, and it's dark, damp and miserable today. I'm hoping the weather picks up as I want to get some things done on the allotment over Easter.

  3. No snow here in Lincolnshire, but lots of wind and rain. But then being in the Fens means that we don't really have any higher ground! I hope you manage to get to the allotment over Easter. Let's hope the weather is kinder.

  4. we're expecting some really nice weather, when it gets here I'll inform it that it needs to head your way also :)

  5. Lots of rain and icy winds down here too, I think its going to be a dreary Easter weekend, brrrr!!!!

  6. Snow? That must not be fun at all right now. Our weather today is like summer weather. It's so hot and dry that we have a weather warning for spontaneous fires!

  7. Earlier this week we were onthe edge of Hurst Spit looking over the channel to the Isle of Wight and the wind was biting cold. I tried to take some photos although my camera was wobbly due to the wind and my freezing cold shaking hands!


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