Friday 19 March 2010

What a difference a week makes!!!

Well it was back to work on the garden today and my god what a difference just one week makes. I could really see spring sprouting all over the garden today with all the bulbs I planted from last season popping up all over the place in some glorious colours. I intended to take some photos but just didn't have the time with all the weeding and clearing of the winter debris so I hope you are happy with just the little pictures I have.

I am hoping that when I go next week I won't have missed the best of the display and can get a picture for you of the beautiful array of spring.

snowdropsThe snowdrops.

Some of the bulbs are very pretty but I have no idea what they are as Maureen was given a load of bulbs and I just planted them randomly around the garden to give some spring colour.

When I first went today the sun was shining brightly and although the wind was quite strong it didn't take anything away from the glorious spring day. As time went by thin clouds covered the sky but the wind did drop quite a bit and it was still lovely to be outside. Right now it's dark and a steady rain is pouring outside but it is that first spring rain that brings all those glorious scents with it so you know that summer really is on it's way to you very soon. The clocks move forward an hour in Britain next week so then I will have more time to work in the evening outside and with this happening I know that my favourite time of year is approaching. Every season has it's place and is special for it's own reasons but Summer is by far my favourite season with all the animals and plants coming fully to life. What is your favourite season and why???

bulb shoot
Plenty of bulbs coming through...
it's quite exciting waiting to see what we will get!!

Well the allotment meeting would have been last night but I haven't seen anyone yet and I am itching to know whether I got that extra bit of land so i will be heading up there tomorrow to see if I can find Dave and see what the outcome was....oh and I will be getting some allotment work done tomorrow too so maybe another post will be on the cards for tomorrow...that is if this rain peters out overnight.

That's all for now!!!!


  1. I have some of those same flowers on the side of my house. I love seeing those in spring.
    We had our time change last weekend. It is rather nice having it stay lighter longer I just hate it though when I have to lose an hour of my weekend.
    Summer is my favorite season just because I love the sunshine and being able to get outside and enjoy

  2. Yes i have also noticed that spring is speeding up its arrival, I suddenly feel like if I blink I'll miss it somehow.

    Its raing here too, I hope it ends tonight as I would like the ground to be just right on Sunday when i hope to gain some lotty time.

    I also have that flowering bulb in my garden but the name escapes me.

  3. I wanted to get to the allotment today but it's throwing it down. I hope it clears so that I can get there tomorrow instead. My favourite season is summer. I like the warmer weather and the longer days.

  4. The snowdrops in your photo almost look like flowers called snowflakes.

    We have had a busy week on the plot this week but today it is raining!

    I love spring.

  5. My favorite season is spring; warmth without the mosquitoes. The snow is going fast now. I might be able to start some clearing tomorrow.

  6. I love Summer. You can't beat being out early on a Summer morning.

  7. Ann...isn't it weird how we all move our clocks at different times...I'm jealous that you got to move yours already! glad spring is coming for you's really lifting my spirits after the cold winter...if you remember the name of the bulb be sure to let me know.

    Jo..fingers crossed the rain clears for you.

    Green Lane Allotments...I've never heard of 'snowflake' flowers...must be mu bad photography..oops!

    tpals...glad your snow is finally leaving...we got off very light compared to you...sorry for all the moaning about the little bit we had!!

    Graeme...I guy after my own heart!


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