Tuesday 13 April 2010

The garden is spectacular!!

Well I was back at work today after a fortnight off from gardening.


Not much rain has prevented many weeds from coming through so I had chance to give the greenhouse a good tidy up.

Array of Tulips.

The warmth from last week has set all the bulbs I planted last autumn blooming too and there are some lovely displays to share...

spring bulb
I have no idea what this one is...do any of you??


A giant Cowslip...I think?!?!?!


  1. The spotty one is a snakeshead fritillary and the bottom one is a pulsatilla or Pasque Flower.

    Our fritillaries are out too we have a white one as well as the spotty sort.

    The gardens are looking nice aren't they?

  2. Yep what Green Lane Allotments said. Thanks for sharing the pretty blooms.

  3. Yes, the first one is a snakeshead fritillary - they are lovely aren't they. Ours are out too and enjoying the sunshine.

    Your garden looks fab Tanya - your autumn bulb planting has paid off!


  4. Oh I love hyacinth's they are my favorite spring flower

  5. I love spring with everything coming back to life again. I am rubbish at identifying flowers though!

  6. I think that flower is a Snakeshead Fritillary, tried to grow them from bulb a couple of years back with no luck :-( They are so pretty.

  7. Thanks all...I love to garden but I'm often unsure what the names of some things are so I'm sure you will all be helping me again in the future!!!

  8. I love fritillaries, mine aren't flowering yet, it seems most of my spring flowers have been way behind this year.

  9. The hyacinth is absolutely beautiful. I'm glad somebody else knows what the other flowers are because I'm terrible at identifying plants. I've tried a few times and only had miserable failures. I still had fun though.

  10. We used to have Fritillaries when I was growing up. My parents had kind of a wooded section and they used to grow among the trees. They were very difficult to keep going and so each year when I was little I was taken down to see how many we could spot and what colours they were! We reached 15 one year but sometimes only 1 or 2 - those were sad years LOL

  11. Those tulips are lovely. They display such vibrant colors, one of my favorite flowers.


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