Saturday 3 April 2010

Making a start on the new plot!!!!

derelict land this is the new plot...not much to look at I know...and I definitely have my work cut out for me...but hey I like a challenge and I am just happy to have the extra land so I won't complain...(even if my back does!)


This is the bargain greenhouse...all cleared and ready to be moved. We have removed the glass from the sides and are hoping that we can now move it as a whole. Yesterday was the supposed moving day but the weather has other ideas so now we just have to wait for a decent day.

cold-frame, water butt, dalek

As you can see I have moved the Daleks, cold-frame and water butt down to the allotment already...and believe me it wasn't the easiest of tasks. I don't really seem to be getting anywhere but I have plans for what to do and it will probably involve a bit of begging to some allotment holders with a rotavator....just to start the year off as the land is packed solid in places. The clear bit of mud you can see at the side is the spot for the greenhouse so we are raring to go...Now weather please be kind!!! Hopefully before the weekend is out I can show you the greenhouse in its new site!!


  1. Not much to look at? I think there is. I see endless possibilities there. Even though your back may not always appreciate the work at least it's enjoyable work. Can't wait to see more of your progress

  2. One of our plot neighbours moved a fully constructed greenhouse with ALL glass removed on top of his car!!

    See photo

    I blurred the numberplate in case the police visit the website!!

  3. I think you will have your work cut out for the coming weeks. Good luck with moving the greenhouse - it will make a huge difference to you.

  4. It looks like a good place to me. A nice piece of land just waiting for great things to be planted.

  5. Knowing you, you'll have your new plot dug in no time. I hope the weather picks up for you so that you can get the greenhouse sorted.

  6. A great open area with a vast amount of possiblities. Look forward to seeing it grow to its full potential.

  7. Neat Green House. Looks like a lot of work coming! :)

  8. best of luck, loads of potential there.


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