Friday, 16 April 2010

Permanent Bean Structure.

Ever since I got me allotment I have wanted to put in place a permanent bean structure but never got around to it. Well this year with being given more land I decided it was definitely time as I was wasting money on canes which weren't exactly stable if we got high winds so I had them in at tent feature which then meant I often missed beans in the middle as the greenery was so dense.

So off I went to Homebase and purchased some quite pricey but good quality posts and pegs which will last for a good few years and because there is more stability to them I have erected one line straight across the plot...this also adds the advantage of a permanent 'fence' between mine and my neighbours plot!!

runner bean fence

The bean fence!!

Whilst at the plot today I also put some wooden edging up where the gravel is which meant I could get rid of the's not all finished yet but looks so much nicer and neater.

path edging

The edged path..much more pleasing to the eye!


  1. Wow, you got so much done. Mine only mixed once so far.

  2. You're making excellent progress. The edged path looks great.

  3. Seems like you're getting on with lots of things at the moment. The bean structure is a good idea.

  4. One of our plot neighbours has a very similar fence where he has grown runner beans successfully for years!

  5. the bean structure looks great. well done.

  6. It all looks pretty good. It reminds me of when I was a kid helping my mom pick the beans from our small garden. The garden seemed small, but we ended up with two huge bowls full of beans.

  7. It looks great I have my little plants started in the house and still have to get my garden ready. It is still too cold to plan much here. Well that is one day it is 40 degrees and 80 the next. We are not supposed to plant outdoors yet.

  8. Your bean structure looks very sturdy and will withstand the strongest of winds - the edging looks great too.


  9. Gotta agree the edge path does make it look slick ;)


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