Friday 30 April 2010

Potting. Planting, Sorting...and RAIN!!!!

So it's been a very busy week for me trying to play catch up after getting behind with the clean up and putting up the new shed. Didn't get any digging done on the new plot but I will start that tomorrow hopefully and then get some potatoes in.

I did get my runner beans, beetroot, kohl rabi, white sprouting broccoli brussels all hardened off and in the ground though and a few other bits done....thought it would be much better to show you
in pictures than waffle on for hours about how proud I am of myself though!!

hardening the seedlingsThese are my other seedlings hardening off in a sheltered place I mad today...nothing like recycling the old shower

raised asparagus bedThe raised bed I have installed near the greenhouse is going to become the Asparagus bed.

grape vines
Remember my grape vines from last year?? Well I seriously thought they were dead but after just four days of being planted in the greenhouse and we have life :-)

mantis tiller
Kate was down today...she borrowed my tiller and looks a little pained in this photo...she didn't realise after watching me use it how much hard work it was.....God I'm good..hehe

runner beans
My Runner Beans looking very proud planted near their new fence!

And finally the plot...all the above stuff is plated out and it rained some whilst I was down there and has come down quite steadily for a couple of hours since...just what I like to see...rain to help them get established!!

Also spent quite a bit of money yesterday but now I have to wait for delivery so you are just going to have to wait to find out what I bought!!


  1. Very resourceful with the shower screen. You've got a lot to be proud of there. Looking good.

  2. I wanna know what you bought! I wanna know!! Guess I'll have to learn

  3. What you described about the grapevines is what I like about them. They can seem to be dead and then come mysteriously back to life. Some I've seen can even grow in the worst seeming places.

  4. It's looking great. What a fab idea for recycling the shower screen.

  5. The two vines we planted on the plot are sprouting too - like you I kept looking at them and wondering.

  6. With experience a tiller can look fairly easy until you try it for a first time. I see you have a major plot, so the small one will do wonders. I have a roto-hoe and runs on muscle but have used it for many years. I wore out my small gas cultivator and just never replaced it.I am up to 60 annuals planted as food and flower and still want more.

  7. All looking good! Do you get any grapes from your vines? The rain is welcome - the ground has been so dry!

  8. Congrats!Wish you all success. Mark said it, may rain come and help you growing vegetables and fruits as fresh as ever.

  9. I have never had the chance to grow things my work keeps me on the road all the I am learning and enjoying through you thank you..:)


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