Sunday 18 April 2010

Problems and poo!!!

Okay...thought that title might get you to read a little further but believe me it isn't going to be an overly exciting post.

For one I forgot to take my camera down the plot so I have no exciting photos to share and to be honest I haven't got that much done over the weekend.

It was a nice weekend but I did spend a large portion of Saturday sewing up the new jumper I have been knitting and I am now nearly has took several months but it was my first go and so I am quite pleased with the outcome so far.

I did go to the allotment for a little while and managed to get the rods in the ground and the wire strung for a permanent raspberry fence...Also dig the raspberries and split them replanting them to span the whole allotment. They look quite happy with their new arrangement and I am very impressed as I only had 6 canes two years ago.

Got my next delivery of manure's good potent stuff and has joined the other on the allotment in a nice bug heap. I know a lot of people put manure in as they plant but I am going to wait until the end of the year and then dig it in when I do my winter dig so it can sit there and ferment nicely into the soil over the winter months.

As for the problems...well it's my Manits seems to not want to work very well...I have had the engine cover off today and cleaned all the filters but it's still being ornery. My Dad thinks I may have loved it a little too much and flooded the engine with oil so now I am leaving it for a while to drain and then giving it another go tomorrow...Luckily it is still in warranty so if that doesn't work I will have to give the company a ring.

Well that's all for now. Hope to get some pic.s of my raspberries soon.


  1. Well it sounds to me like you got a lot done over the weekend. Certainly much more than I managed to accomplish. Hope you get that tiller back up and running soon.

  2. Sounds like you've had another productive weekend. Hope you get your tiller working.

  3. I agree with the others; it sounds like you did more than you think. I usually get almost nothing done on the weekends myself.

  4. Well, Problem and Poo both have the same initial letter. And both makes us want to avoid it as far as possible :)

  5. Often we think we haven't done very much when there is little to show for it but lots of hard work is done without any outward signs.


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