Saturday 24 April 2010

Progress in pictures.

Well after two days hard slog I am knackered but progress has been made...Picture gallery and few words...sorry but don't have the energy to type much.

The new shed ...up and new roof made after a lot of hassle...just need to finish fixing the felt tomorrow.

raspberry fence
The raspberry cane fence I erected last weekend.

In light of what happened not much digging done on the new plot and no potatoes planted...maybe next weekend.

burnt crap
The crap from the fire...but the skip comes on Monday.

parsnip shoots
Well my parsnips sprouted...what do I do now??


  1. Well my parsnips sprouted...what do I do now??

    That's exactly the question I have. I've tried transplanting them to compost filled toilet roll but fear I am doing more harm than good in the process. And how deep should they go, or should the seed and emerging leaves be at soil level? One book suggests mixing them with wallpaper paste and then piping them out along a furrow! All well and good provided they haven't got attached to the paper.

    Well done to the rapid response team on the shed!

  2. You've had a busy weekend so far. You've made a lot of progress. Looking good

  3. It's good to see that you already have another shed up. Even though you had a setback, you kept right on moving forward.

  4. Brilliant, you've got a new shed already. Looks like you've done a lot of work this weekend. Once my parsnips have sprouted, I sow them into toilet roll inners about a cm deep. Once they start to show growth I plant them out.

  5. I've never sprouted parsnips this way but I do know that if the roots are damaged you will end up with very strange stunted parsnips.

    Have you no success when sowing in the ground. I'd guess the least messing with them the better so can you dig a shallow trench - water well fill with compost and pop the sproutings in that. Keep them well watered after that.

  6. Well done on plugging ahead and achieving normality so quickely is certainly going to go far towards feeling better.

    Last year I sprouted my parsnips in this way on thin strips kitchen paper. i then dug a shallow trench and lay the strips down , then covered with a light layer of sifted soil.


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