Thursday 22 April 2010

So FREAKING mad!!!!!!

This isn't the sort of post or title I particularly want to write (and believe me the title could have been a LOT more colourful!) but I have to share my frustration with those who understand and care...and I know you lot will!!!

I will tell it like a little story....I woke early (5am) to the birds singing an
d beautiful skies and I thought...'wow, what a lovely day, I'm going to get up now ,get sorted and then sit with my knitting for a while.' Well I got up and got sorted...Hubby came home from work and we had a drink and chat and then off to the shower he went when the doorbell rang....bearing in mind this was only 6:30am....I answered the door to one of the neighbours who said...'Tan I'm really sorry but I think your shed is on fire!'

This was of course my allotment shed...i think I have mentioned before how close I live to the plot so off we went. On arrival I was met by the fire brigade who
was already on scene with hoses out and another neighbour who saw the flames and rang them.

There is nothing left of the shed...and
nothing salvageable.....nothing in the shed could have started that and considering we had a frost last night and the ground was very damp there was no way it could be anything but arson!!!

Had to leave then but after town up the plot I went with my Dad and we set to work cleaning the mess up as best we could....I just can't believe some people and it really makes me want to scream and swear at what they have done but I know this won't get me anywhere.......On the bright side the fire crew were excellent and didn't trample on any of my crops...they totally stuck to the paths...also the allotment got a nice watering so thanks for that guys and also trying in vain to go through what was left and worked out what happened.

I now have no gardening tools....or compost...or seeds....or anything really....even my wellies and my rain coat are are the 4 water butts I had!!! Luckily though my Tiller was safe at home so although the attachments aren't much good the tiller itself is fine so I guess that is a blessing. What I don't get is why set fore to it?? What did they gain?? If they wanted to break in and steal stuff then fine but this was just so uncalled for and it really hurts after all the hard work I put in getting the top end of the plot looking nice.

Ok I have managed to keep this very light and not swear at should have heard me this morning though...ggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrr.

burnt plantsburnt shelving

My poor broad bean plants and what was left of my steel shelving.

burnt colframeburnt shed

What was left after the fire was put out........not much shed or coldframe!!


  1. Oh I'm so sorry. What a senseless act. I can't imagine why someone would want to do something like that. You showed excellent restraint in not swearing through your post, I know I wouldn't have been able to do it.

  2. :-( so sorry to hear about your shed - you did well there not to make your post more colourful with the wording.

  3. Oh Tanya! How awful for you. I have to admit I don't understand why people do things. This is right up there with trying to interfere with ambulances and firetrucks...why???

  4. The allotment got a nice watering!!!

    Your optimism shows no bounds, Tany.

    Any other sheds damaged? Have you avoided the poisonous idea that you have jealous gardening neighbours? Good!

    ps What does sit with my knitting mean?

  5. I can't believed why someone wanted to do that! Have you made a police report?

    Still you amazed me Tanya, you are able to see the good things out of this misfortune.

  6. This is terrible! I can imagine if the same thing had happened to me, I'd be using the colorful language.

  7. That's just mean! Sorry this happened to you.

  8. Thanks all for your kind means a lot....As for seeing the good side in was either that or just sit and cry!!

    Mal's allotment....I haven't even considered that allotment neighbours...they are all good hearted souls and so many people have offered to lend a hand and ask me if I needed anything it has not entered my mind.
    As for 'siting with my knitting' was just that i had set aside yesterday to relax and finish the jumper i was knitting before a busy day on the plot digging on friday. Of course there was way too much work to be done for that to happen!!

  9. Oh Tanya, I'm so sorry. I can't begin to imagine how you feel after all the work you've put in at that end of the plot to get it all looking so nice. Such a senseless act, but don't let them grind you down.

  10. I am so sorry to hear this. I hope someone catches the jerk who did this to you. I know a little bit of what you're going through right now, because I've had similar things happen to me. I feel like swearing over this too. I hope things get better from here though.

  11. Tanya
    So very sorry - you must be devastated. I bet there is a long list of things you would like to do to the culprits.

  12. Hi finally I'm just catching up on everyone's blogs that I follow.

    First of all WHAT THE $%&^!!!!!!!!!

    OK I cannot believe some people, why oh why do stuff like this, the culprits probably were sitting close by watching the whole thing.

    I now understand your comment you left on my last post.

    Thinking of you at this most horrible of times.

  13. That's just awful!! Did they come up with any possible causes? Are they(you) taking it wny further?

  14. I'm so shocked! That's truly appalling. Apparently 'youths' have been seen hanging around on our allotments after dark to ... ummm .... smoke herbal cigarettes, wonder if similar could be happening near you???

    Have you reported it to the police?

  15. Sorry for my meanness of spirit Tany. I'll was my mouth out with a solution of Jeyes Fluid.

    ps You didn't say if anyone else's shed got torched?

    Also suggest you soak your asparagus in a bucket of water and then bury it. What's there to lose?

    Keep your spirits up.

    pps is there an KA (Knitter Anonymous) to help with your knitting compulsion?

  16. Mal...HAHA on the KA comment...i enjoy my knitting so :-P

    Yes people the police were rung but of course they haven't contacted me...why would they ??? It might mean they have to do some work!!! So there is nothing more I can do.

    No other sheds were damaged or broken into...fingers crossed it won't happen again!!

  17. OMG I am so so sorry, I hope whoever did it gets what is coming to them- I could tell you that I know through my beliefs (Law of Attraction) that even if they aren't caught they will get what they did back 10fold, but that's not a lot of comfort with the cold harsh reality. Not much, but here's a *hug* and some good wishes I am sending out to you.

  18. OMG...

    I'm so sorry to hear your awful news. Only just stopped by and read it. How terrible.

    What a weird thing... the little bastards who do this kind of thing are very rarely up at 6am. Too bloody lazy. Wonder what on earth happened? Have you any clues?


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