Saturday 10 April 2010

Sun, seeds and planting!!!

Well I know it's not over yet but what a wonderful time we have been having down the allotment. I have been fortunate enough not to have to work the past few days and so i have been able to spend plenty of time on the plot and boy have I been busy!

The greenhouse is complete and I have decided to go with the 'No wash' solution. I am growing Melons in the greenhouse and Grapevines...a few people mentioned grape-vines on my previous post in the comments section but I had already decided to do this anyway but thanks for all your thought.

Doesn't it look smart...and you can see the trellis ready for the grape-vines.

Everything is tidy and now I just have to wait a week before I can dig over the new land. I have put the rhubarb in place and I hope this takes well so we can have rhubarb crumble very soon. Over on the other side I have manged to get in my second early potatoes, onions, spring onions, radishes and carrots...oh and I planted some fennel too. I think that's it and when you write it down I realise how little it sounds but I know you all appreciate how long this takes.

Maybe I should hide the camera from the

I have new structure going up this year for my raspberry canes and runner beans which will be permanent fixtures and all my seedling appear to be doing well.

Potato growing and planting lesson for the kids.

Just have to get the sweetcorn in tomorrow and hopefully the peas and I am exactly where I want to be. Kate was down the allotment today too...sorting out her strawberry patch.

Kate weeding her strawberry bed...Hi Kate.. :-)

Progress is a mighty fine thing...and I'm very happily knackered...and a little pink...must remember next time to put cream on my hand and wrists.

Having an apple break!

Have to give credit to the kids and parents for all their hard work this week..So thank you my beloved family. :-)


  1. wow you made a lot of progress and it looks like you had some lovely weather to do it in.

  2. Ever so pleased for you and yep just those few things can take a huge chunk of time to be done, my spuds were planted and took me 3 plus hours.

  3. Wow, I'm impressed! Are you self sufficient on the fruit/veg front or will be with your 2nd plot? I can't imagine there's much you don't grow!

  4. What a difference a couple of nice days makes. It's great to be able to get on with things as last. Your greenhouse looks great.

  5. That glass looks very clean - are you sure your dad didn't sneak in a damp cloth?

  6. Very good progress Tanya! The glass house looks ready for some serious planting! What a lovely kids you have there :)

  7. You've been busy and it sure shows. It looks wonderful.

  8. I think I've said it before but this kind of work looks incredibly fun.


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