Wednesday 14 April 2010

Weather watch Wednesday....week 15 2010

IT IS COLD!!!!!!!!!

Not much more to say really, after a beautiful weekend of sun, no wind and t-shirt temperatures the weather has took a turn for the worse again and we are back to jumpers, scarves and gloves and it doesn't look much better for the next few days.

Temps. averaging 10-13 degrees but with winds gusting up to 35mph feels much colder...BBBRRRRR

No rain in over a week...not so sure this is a good thing when I am planting on the plot :-(


  1. Although it's not as warm here as it was at the weekend, it certainly isn't cold, and we don't have any wind either. The weather certainly differs around the country.

  2. It's disappointing isn't it? I thought we may be going to have a good period.

  3. We seem to have everything at once, sometimes warm and sunny, sometimes cold, sometimes windy - like you we have no rain either which isn't ideal.

  4. oh what a let down. We had a couple of cold days here too after being really hot. Thankfully it was only a couple days though. Hope it warms back up soon for you

  5. Hope the rain will drop soon. Take care Tanya


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