Monday 31 May 2010

Planting in the allotment.

Well I have had a very busy weekend and got the original plot fully planted out on Friday which I was quite pleased about as we had a steady drizzle of rain all day Saturday which made all my new plants very happy!!

So I now have first and second earlies through on the old plot as well as onions, radish, beetroot, carrot, kohl rabi, brussels, white sprouting broccoli, peas, aubergine, courgette, marrow, cucumber, calabrese, celeriac sweetcorn, pumpkin and dwarf french beans...this is as well as my raspberry canes.

I must admit I am quite proud of myself as I have never got it done so efficiently before and I have quite a nice selection going on.

I have several pots on my new gravel all with different salad leaves and herbs grown and also my final two fruit trees, the orange and the lemon arrived so they are potted on the gravel as well.

I got my newly grown runner beans in this weekend too so now i pray we won't have a late frost that destroys all my hard work.

The king Edward potatoes are starting to poke their heads over on the new plot but that is all I have planted so far but now all the seedlings are in i can really get stuck into this side.

I have plans for some more potatoes ......I know it's a little late but they were given to me so I thought why not try and they are a different main crop variety to what I have. I am also going to put in some swede, turnip, and I have some calabrese left and I think I will grow some beans that Kate has let me have even though we aren't quite sure what they are.

Kate has got on really well this year too and almost filled her plot...sorry no pictures today but I will be sure to put a picture post up soon so you can all be amazed!!

Now on to something completely of my favourite blogs A Smallholders Diary is having a giveaway today...although it isn't a gardening giveaway it is an environmental one and if you like blog I'm sure you will love theirs so why not go over and check it sure to let them know you came from me though..

Happy gardening to you all...hope you are getting on well too

Saturday 29 May 2010

The four legged fiend deterrent!!!

Well ever since my Hubby and I bought our house ( I won't say how long I have always grown veggies. Even though i have only had the allotment for 2 years this never stopped me as I used to plant a few things in the garden and in tubs in the garden.

They have always done well and even thoug
h I now have an allotment I still like to grow some salad leaves in tubs in the garden so they are handy...and this has never been a problem.

I am a cat lover...and I have always had cats too but they have always bee very well behaved and left my planter alone...that is until now...Meet...Alfie.

Alfie..the naughty cat
Meet Alfie...I know he looks adorable...but he is VERY naughty!!

My ex-tremendously naughty cat....I tell you he is worse than all the kids put together...he totally drives me insane sometimes and every time this year I put my seed in the planters ...he scooped it all out again!!!

No matter how much I told him he just wouldn't listen and I knew I had to do something to save the out came the peas was quick, cheap, doesn't affect the plants...and keeps my terrible tyrant at bay!!

cat deterrent
The four legged fiend deterrent!!!

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Weather watch Wednesday...week 21 2010.

Well the weather seems to have petered out a little. Over the weekend we were getting temperatures up to 32 degrees and now we are at more like 14 degrees which is less than half and after the warm spell it feels mighty cold.

The veggies don't seem to mind though and I am quite pleased with how things are growing...I have had to re-place my white sprouting broccoli so I was glad I didn't get rid of the extra seedling and I may also replace the kohl rabi as it also looks a little the worse for where after being slaughtered by the black beetles.

What we really could do with is some far the ground isn't too dry underneath but another couple of weeks of this dry weather and I will have no choice but to water my crops which isn't something I like to do.

Well the weather is said to be a few degrees warmer after today and I am currently hardening off my other plants ready to put in at the weekend and I am thinking of sowing a few more seeds as my cauli looks dreadful and my cabbage isn't doing too well.

I also have plans to get stuck in on the new plot this week so I might even have something worthwhile to write about!!

Tuesday 25 May 2010

Present pictures...finally!!

I am aware that I said I would put up a post several days ago sharing with you a few of my birthday presents which were kind of for the allotment and therefore relevant to share....and I truly meant to do this but I have just been so busy so this is going to be nothing more than a picture post and I hope I will get more time to write tomorrow!!

Ugg wellies
Ugg Wellies from my brother, sister and brother-in-law. Very posh...very bright and very'll not miss me come winter!!!

Weird Fish wellies
Weird Fish wellies from the Hubby...these are for the wet warm days...very cool and I am sure I will be spotted a mile

outdoor clock/barometer
An outdoor clock/barometer from my Nephews. It turns to give you the temperature and every our has a different bird call sound....Have hung it just outside my back door!!

I got lots more nice stuff and felt thoroughly spoilt....thanks for all the wishes you sent me :-)

Thursday 20 May 2010

So what did I buy for the allotment????

Ok...I have found the camera...the delivery has arrived (not in it's entirety but enough to let you all out of your misery!!) and I am very happy with what I have got so far. So you remember what I satrted with from the picture in yesterdays post....well below is as far as I had got last friday and so that was where the work began.

This the plot at the start of last Friday.

Firstly I had to level out the ground (well kind and then put some edging down to define a path. Then rough ground cover was added and into that planted an array of fruit twigs...erm I mean trees...and then finally the gravel was added!!

So.Ta da!!! This is how my plot now looks at the end!

I think you should be able to enlarge the picture to get a better look but within the gravel are planted apricot, conference pear, elspan apple, sunburst cherry, victoria plum and a bramley apple tree along with two blackberry bushes. I have also got three more grapvines planted in the greenhouse and I am still waiting for my orange and lemon trees...yes I am growing citrus fruits in the UK but they are on a special rootstock which will make them grow and come with a guarantee so I thought why not!!

conference pear treeThis is one of the twigs that wil become a doesn't look like much yet but will be lovely next year!

So what do you think??? I am very pleased with how it has all turned out, I am going to be getting some more pots to put on the gravel to plant salad and stuff in which will take away the bareness of the expanse and maybe a table to sit around in the summer....

A few other things I thought I would share in pictures!!

The sweetcorn is recovering nicely and the extra I sowed has also germinated so i will have plenty this year...YUM!

log pile
In trying to attract more wildlife I have added a small logpile at the top end and will do more little to features over the coming months too.

The Garlic did survive the fire and has shot up over the last week.

Also got some more potatoes in the ground and I am slowly getting through the new plot...with good weather forecast this weekend I am hoping to get some more work done on that side.

Tomorrow I will tell you about the cool birthday presents I received today...they are very cool (or hot depending on how you look at it!) and very relevant to my blog!!

Happy gardening!! :-)

Wednesday 19 May 2010

Weather watch Wednesday...week 20 2010.

Well in my neck of the woods ...........

It's feeling HOT,HOT,HOT,
And I've got SUN UN burn!!

That's about it really...the temps started to rise at the weekend and today we even had double figures starting with the number 2!!! We haven't had any rain in a while but the earth is still damp underneath so I'm not worrying about that.

As you all know I spent a considerable amount of money on, well something...anyway the delivery has arrived and things are mostly sorted but the problem is I have put the camera down and now I can't find it...I will have to have a goood look for it tomorrow and then all will be revealed...obviously it is to do with my allotment and I am very pleased with how it has turned out but I'm afraid you will all just have to wait for tomorrow...for the time being here is a reminder pic. of what I started with just a few months ago so you can have some guesses as to what I have been up to!!

derelict allotment
Scary prospect knowing how much work had to be done!!

Monday 17 May 2010

8th folder...8th photo!!

lighting firworks.
Well I was issued a challenge by vanillaseven . The rules are simple.....

1. Go to your photo files, select the 8th photo folder
2. Select the 8th photo in that folder
3. Post that photo along with the story behind it
4. Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same!

I was quite worried about what I would end up with but figured this sin't such a bad photo.

This was taken last November (2009) on bonfire night...I did a post about bonfire night back then and this photo is probably included but this is my Hubby, Brother and Nephew all playing with the firework lighters. I think they thoroughly enjoyed setting things on fire and making things go bang whilst i stood in the background quietly worrying about whether or not they were going to set something on fire.

It is a good photo to have fallen in this place as although I worried about where the sparks were flying it was a fun family night than everyone enjoyed and brought back happy memories... :-) now for the 8 people I am going to pick on.....erm I mean challenge ;-)

Mal, Tracey, GLA, Marla, Jo, allot of veg, Tpals place and realising the dream.

Hope you all take part and have fun!!

Sunday 16 May 2010

It's a guessing game!!

tomato plant
Well this is a picture of...well something...I know what it claims to be on the packet...but it looks a little different than normal.

The thing is maybe it isn't that different, maybe I have just never come across this one before so I want to ask all of you to name the green thing.

I am giving nothing away just yet as I want to know what you think without any hints!!!

Lets see if we can all get it right...or maybe the packet was wrong and it will turn into something totally different!!

Oh and just to let you delivery didn't arrive on Friday like it was supposed to...apparently it has been dispatched but you are just going to have to wait a little bit feels good to share my frustration with all of you.

Saturday 15 May 2010

What's in the fridge???

Ok..This post will be nothing to do with the allotment...I did go down yesterday but forgot to take a 'finished' picture of what isn't quite finished and also my delivery never arrived on the date specified so I still can't show you what I have spent all that money on.// This post was inspired by Ann over at annssnapeditscrap and it isn't so much as what is in my fridge as what is 'ON' my fridge.

I am a magnet collector and get my friends and family...and friends of friends to pick me up magnets from all over...It's amazing how cool some of them are and I have quite a collection going on.

fridge magnetsThe side of my fridge

Besides the place name magnets which are all down the side of my 7" fridge I also have magnets on the front...and bits and bobs and stuff to remind me of special times, places, people and events that are going on.

fridge memories
The front of my fridge

Then below all of these are some magnets which are rattle toys for the littlies....mine are a bit old now but I keep them on for anyone visiting...oh and of course there is the artwork that the kids insist on sticking to the holds a lot of special memories...I think in the event of a fire I would have to save my fridge along with my photo albums!!

kids fridge
The kiddie bits!

So what's on your fridge???? Oh and if you've never visited Ann's site then go over and say 'Hi'.

As for the allotment...well it will still be there tomorrow as today we are off on a sponsored walk...and thankfully the sun is shine nicely outside for us!!

Thursday 13 May 2010

Out of the fire grows a........

Well to be honest I have no idea what grows and there was only one couple on the allotment this evening and they had no idea either so I'm hoping that maybe someone can help.

mysteruous plantThe root..any ideas??

This was found growing behind the shed...where the firemen doused the fire there had been some earth washed down so I was digging out and piling back up when I encountered what I first thought to be just a weed...but then found this huge root at the end. Having no idea what it is I don't want to destroy it quite yet so if anyone can help I would be very grateful!!
It is white on the inside and has a delicte smell but I couldn't say of what.

On a sad note...whilst cleaning up behind the shed i found a hedgehog which had obviously been hibernating before the fire...i gave the poor little fella a proper burial.

On a brighter note...I have sown more runner beans, sweetcorn, and two varieties of basil...oh and I should get my purchases that i bought a fortnight ago and mentioned in an earlier post tomorrow...lots of money but I'm hoping it was well spent...still curious????

Wednesday 12 May 2010

Its so saddening!!

Well a quick visit to the plot tonight had my heart plummeting. The recent weather has really took it's toll on the plot and some stuff isn't getting on too well.

All my runner beans have died, the courgette and cucumber are gone, the sweetcorn which was hardening off under glass is looking very is just so dis-heartening after all the hard work I have put in.....I know things could be worse...but that really doesn't help!!

I am going to sow more runners as I am told it's not too late so that won't be too bad but i am used to having them come around beginning of June and know I will have to wait so much longer now.

This is the first year I have had success with the sweetcorn germinating and now I am wondering if it's too late to sow some more...or should I wait and see how the other fairs as I have moved it back to the greenhouse...but if I wait will it then be too late??? I suppose I could sow more and then if the other survives I will just have more if the new ones germinate too....anyone got and bright ideas????
On the plus side my new plot has been rotavated over again so it will be a little easier to dig this weekend....

Hope the rest of you are fairing better than me in this cold snap!!

Weather watch Wednesday....week 19 2010.

cloudy sky
This is what the skies have presented to us for the last week!!

Well it's much of the same old, same old. Basically weather is utter ***** and that's a bit of an understatement.

You would think we were still in February... with the single figure temps we have been having and the frosts at night...even thinking of putting my heating back on!!!

Not too much rain though, but desire to go into the great outdoors is slim!!

Hopefully it is going to pick up we even got to 10 degrees.....What happened to the global warming?!?!?!

Sunday 9 May 2010

Green growth...and not just weeds!!!

Well I am actually starting to see some signs of life on the allotment and I am proud to announce that they aren't all weeds!!!

I have many of my seedlings in now and all those planted seem to be doing well apart from the runner beans which seemed to have suffered a little...whether this was from the frost last week, the winds or something else I don't know but I am hoping they pull through ok.

It seems a long time now since the fire and I have more or less got everything sorted. I am making do with the few bits I have replaced, some more expensive items are just going to have to wait now but i did without them before so will learn to mange again!!

pak choistrawbwerriesredcurrant

As you can see above not many of the lettuces survived the fire so I have put some 'pak choi' in three of the tubs, I just hope they do OK without a cold-frame. The raised bed has been repaired and will now be a strawberry bed. All of the fruit bushes look the same as the redcurrant pictured so I'm not holding out much hope for fruit this year.


Some of the potatoes are just starting to show through and I am very proud of my luscious pea line...these were put in two weeks ago and I have put another row in today. As a whole this side is looking nice and ordered and I don't have much left to get in the ground.


I have some dwarf beans and calabrese that I sowed last weekend in the greenhouse. All are doing well. The middle picture is of the seedlings I have left after my planting so under my mums instruction I have thinned out the calabrese early as Like she said I won't use all the plants and it will make my seedlings a lot stronger for planting out in the ground. Under the glass are sweetcorn, leeks and cauli hardening off in readiness to be planted.

I am quite pleased with how things are going on this side. Haven't got any more dug over on the new plot as when we went down last week we couldn't even get a fork in it. We had rain all day Saturday so I am hoping this will have helped a little but the main problem is that as we dig the row in front we trample the next bit down so much. This will be mainly planted with spuds so I'm not to worried about time. This week is going to be concentrating on the greenhouse end of the plot as my order that I placed a week or so ago should be delivered this Friday and I need everything in place fro then. I have to say I am very excited about receiving my purchases and I can't wait to share them with you...not long now!!

Thursday 6 May 2010

Weather watch Wednesday....week 18 2010.

Well as predicted by the weather man it did get colder last week just in time for the bank holiday. It wasn't as bad as I expected but the temperatures dropped...rains came and so did the wind. Saturday started off quite nice but that was where it went downhill and so i haven't been to the plot since then. The rains never came to much really so haven't put much in my water butts!! We had a couple of harsh frosts over night but so far all my seedlings have survived and the last couple of days the temps. have started to rise again so fingers crossed for a nice weekend!!

Saturday 1 May 2010

Potato Puzzler!!!

Well I had quite a busy day today and managed to get enough of the new plot dug over to get in my King Edward potatoes...I won't bore you with pictures but I do have a question as I am a little puzzled.

I have put my potatoes in and covered them marking each end with a cane ... as the potatoes grow I will slowly earth up around the plant. I am told by my Dad that this is the 'correct' method for growing potatoes.

However lots of people down the allotment have planted and hilled their potatoes straight away.
Which is the correct way??
Is there a right or wrong way??
How do you plant yours??