Sunday 9 May 2010

Green growth...and not just weeds!!!

Well I am actually starting to see some signs of life on the allotment and I am proud to announce that they aren't all weeds!!!

I have many of my seedlings in now and all those planted seem to be doing well apart from the runner beans which seemed to have suffered a little...whether this was from the frost last week, the winds or something else I don't know but I am hoping they pull through ok.

It seems a long time now since the fire and I have more or less got everything sorted. I am making do with the few bits I have replaced, some more expensive items are just going to have to wait now but i did without them before so will learn to mange again!!

pak choistrawbwerriesredcurrant

As you can see above not many of the lettuces survived the fire so I have put some 'pak choi' in three of the tubs, I just hope they do OK without a cold-frame. The raised bed has been repaired and will now be a strawberry bed. All of the fruit bushes look the same as the redcurrant pictured so I'm not holding out much hope for fruit this year.


Some of the potatoes are just starting to show through and I am very proud of my luscious pea line...these were put in two weeks ago and I have put another row in today. As a whole this side is looking nice and ordered and I don't have much left to get in the ground.


I have some dwarf beans and calabrese that I sowed last weekend in the greenhouse. All are doing well. The middle picture is of the seedlings I have left after my planting so under my mums instruction I have thinned out the calabrese early as Like she said I won't use all the plants and it will make my seedlings a lot stronger for planting out in the ground. Under the glass are sweetcorn, leeks and cauli hardening off in readiness to be planted.

I am quite pleased with how things are going on this side. Haven't got any more dug over on the new plot as when we went down last week we couldn't even get a fork in it. We had rain all day Saturday so I am hoping this will have helped a little but the main problem is that as we dig the row in front we trample the next bit down so much. This will be mainly planted with spuds so I'm not to worried about time. This week is going to be concentrating on the greenhouse end of the plot as my order that I placed a week or so ago should be delivered this Friday and I need everything in place fro then. I have to say I am very excited about receiving my purchases and I can't wait to share them with you...not long now!!


  1. oh look at all that green. I wish I had a garden. there's nothing like fresh vegetables. I really miss the garden that my dad used to plant every year.

  2. So comforting to see all the green started to sprout out! :D

  3. It's all looking really good, Tanya. You've done so well to get everything sorted out after the fire in so short a time.

  4. So pleased for you that things are moving along nicely.

  5. I am up to 78 varieties placed this year, mostly annuals of flowers and vegetables. My sweet corn is just coming up and I can now pick salad greens and radish.I didn't thin my seedling on cole crops and had some rather leggy transplants. Sometimes I have best luck direct seding them.I plant them again in the late summer to fill in where I have extra space.

  6. Hi Tanya,
    We haven't even started on sowing runner beans yet - did you sow them a little early - plenty of time to sow some more!

  7. Maybe I'm being redundant, but it's so exciting, isn't it? :)

  8. It's good to see that you didn't let the fire stop you. Now we all get to see the beginning results of your perseverance.

  9. Your redcurrant bush looks healthier than mine, although mine seems to be developing fruit already. Nothing yet from the gooseberries, cranberries or blueberries :-(


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