Sunday 16 May 2010

It's a guessing game!!

tomato plant
Well this is a picture of...well something...I know what it claims to be on the packet...but it looks a little different than normal.

The thing is maybe it isn't that different, maybe I have just never come across this one before so I want to ask all of you to name the green thing.

I am giving nothing away just yet as I want to know what you think without any hints!!!

Lets see if we can all get it right...or maybe the packet was wrong and it will turn into something totally different!!

Oh and just to let you delivery didn't arrive on Friday like it was supposed to...apparently it has been dispatched but you are just going to have to wait a little bit feels good to share my frustration with all of you.


  1. Older varieties of tomatoe are described as potatoe leaf. This is probably a beefsteak, usually large & meaty. You don't get a lot like newer hybrids but get great flavor.

  2. looks like a tomato plant..but I have a brown thumb so it was a shot in the dark..:)

  3. Is it a tomato? It looks like a potato leaf variety, but I could be wrong.

  4. Mmm it could be a tomato plant - we have some that look similar. Tomatoes and potatoes do belong to the same family.

  5. It looks like a tomato plant to me but then I'm no gardener so I could very likely be wrong :)
    too bad you didn't get your delivery yet, hope it arrives soon.

  6. Everybody else says tomato, so I'll agree with them. But without their guesses I'd have no idea. I think I'm a little better with animals.

  7. Ok everyone..thanks for all playing. It is indeed a tomato plant but to be honest I have never seen one with leaves like this so I was getting a little worried.
    I had no idea that the tomato was closely related to the potato...who'd have thought...what with one being a root veg and the other being a vine fruit.

    Well I am looking forward to definitely having tomatoes this year and seeing how delicious they taste!!

  8. They call these potato leaf varieties because of the leaf shape as you so rightly observed resembles its cousin.

    What variety is it? Normally its the older varities that have this leaf shape.

  9. Aaw I missed this game!! :(
    Next time I won't! :)

  10. Kella...not sure off hand what variety it was but I know it wasn't the big beefsteak kind...i will have a look through and let you know when I find the packet.


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