Wednesday 12 May 2010

Its so saddening!!

Well a quick visit to the plot tonight had my heart plummeting. The recent weather has really took it's toll on the plot and some stuff isn't getting on too well.

All my runner beans have died, the courgette and cucumber are gone, the sweetcorn which was hardening off under glass is looking very is just so dis-heartening after all the hard work I have put in.....I know things could be worse...but that really doesn't help!!

I am going to sow more runners as I am told it's not too late so that won't be too bad but i am used to having them come around beginning of June and know I will have to wait so much longer now.

This is the first year I have had success with the sweetcorn germinating and now I am wondering if it's too late to sow some more...or should I wait and see how the other fairs as I have moved it back to the greenhouse...but if I wait will it then be too late??? I suppose I could sow more and then if the other survives I will just have more if the new ones germinate too....anyone got and bright ideas????
On the plus side my new plot has been rotavated over again so it will be a little easier to dig this weekend....

Hope the rest of you are fairing better than me in this cold snap!!


  1. Living in an area where field corn is all over, my sweet corn is coming up here .Our last frost date was 5-10 but I set mine in 4-30 and have 2 inch shoots coming up.You know to plant in rows of 4 for good germination?I have planted it all the way through this month, but planting later allows for more pests.Let me know how you fare, do you have a short season?

  2. I feel for you Tanya. After all your hard work ...

    This unseasonal weather is certainly taking its toll - we had a frost last night and another is forecast for tonight, I've taken precautions and covered my beds with fleece I just hope my strawberries survived last night.

    No bright ideas but I would go ahead with sowing more sweetcorn - you can never have too much after all!


  3. It is amazing how cold it has been and so annoying when trying to grow veg. I would do both with the sweetcorn that way you have a back up and sweetcorn is so nice you can never have too much :-)

  4. oh no, too bad about the plants. That would be very discouraging. Hope it warms up soon, it's been cold around here too

  5. It was sleeting when I opened my front door this morning and there was snow on the hills that overlook Edinburgh until lunchtime. Those darling buds are getting rough time of it this year.

  6. Sorry to hear of this, its certainly not to late to sow runners or sweetcorn and even all of the squash family plants can be sown right now (I'll be sowing them all tomorrow) so they'll be ready to go into the ground begining of June weather permiting.

    I am now in a similar predicament, I have had so little germination that all I have are aubergines and even they aren't very big. I can see I'll have to buy almost all my vege plants this year, so that will mean no trying of old and unheard of varieties it will bog standard fair from where ever I can get some.

    All my runners which were sown along with all my french beans a few weeks ago weren't germinating which I found weird till I found the evidence over the weekend the seeds were all eaten through but like i said I can resow these just hope they'll germinate this time.

  7. I know a lot of farmers here are still planting corn. If you have the space you could direct sow some...a bit of an experiment.

  8. Sorry to hear your plants died! As far as replanting I would say more is always better. :-)

    My peas have been growing really well up til now but I looked at them today and some of them have some sort of white discoloration on the leaves. Not sure what that means.

  9. Just in the past few days, we lost our tomato plants to a late frost.
    I would do what you are considering and leave the old ones and see what happens and go ahead and plant some new. Good luck :)

  10. I've hardly got anything planted out at the allotment yet, which is a blessing really with all this frost about. I would sow some more sweetcorn and beans, it's not too late.

  11. It's so disheartening isn't it? My seeds are all really slow, have cloched my courgettes but they're looking a bit wobbly still. I may be joining Kella in buying some plants this year to try and salvage something. Our forecast is for warmer weather at the weekend so fingers crossed it holds out.

  12. Hi Tanya,
    Nothing to lose if you plant some more - the sweetcorn may pick up though.

    At worst seeds sown later will just give a later crop!

  13. Sorry to hear about your lost crops. You should be able to get more sweetcorn started though - not too late yet. I have left it late to plant out this year - more due to lack of organisation really, but glad I did.

  14. Hi Guys...thanks for all the encouraging comments...i have been down the plot today and took the re-sowing advice....found something weird too...hope you all go and read it and can help me out!!


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