Monday 31 May 2010

Planting in the allotment.

Well I have had a very busy weekend and got the original plot fully planted out on Friday which I was quite pleased about as we had a steady drizzle of rain all day Saturday which made all my new plants very happy!!

So I now have first and second earlies through on the old plot as well as onions, radish, beetroot, carrot, kohl rabi, brussels, white sprouting broccoli, peas, aubergine, courgette, marrow, cucumber, calabrese, celeriac sweetcorn, pumpkin and dwarf french beans...this is as well as my raspberry canes.

I must admit I am quite proud of myself as I have never got it done so efficiently before and I have quite a nice selection going on.

I have several pots on my new gravel all with different salad leaves and herbs grown and also my final two fruit trees, the orange and the lemon arrived so they are potted on the gravel as well.

I got my newly grown runner beans in this weekend too so now i pray we won't have a late frost that destroys all my hard work.

The king Edward potatoes are starting to poke their heads over on the new plot but that is all I have planted so far but now all the seedlings are in i can really get stuck into this side.

I have plans for some more potatoes ......I know it's a little late but they were given to me so I thought why not try and they are a different main crop variety to what I have. I am also going to put in some swede, turnip, and I have some calabrese left and I think I will grow some beans that Kate has let me have even though we aren't quite sure what they are.

Kate has got on really well this year too and almost filled her plot...sorry no pictures today but I will be sure to put a picture post up soon so you can all be amazed!!

Now on to something completely of my favourite blogs A Smallholders Diary is having a giveaway today...although it isn't a gardening giveaway it is an environmental one and if you like blog I'm sure you will love theirs so why not go over and check it sure to let them know you came from me though..

Happy gardening to you all...hope you are getting on well too


  1. Wow you've been really busy. What a great variety you have going

  2. Ooooh Tany - Looking forward to the pics!

  3. You've done so well this year, especially after the fire too, you put me to shame.

  4. Plant the unknown bean as a dry bean to use for soups.I have a bean that started as 8 seeds in a bag of onion sets and keep letting it cross, but let it go dry, so now have a variety of color and good taste.We have had too much rain so my germination is slow,had to replant a few items.The heat is here so salad greens are slowing ready to bolt and go to seed.

  5. Sounds really great and as you say nothing to lose with the potatoes!

  6. Rain is always a blessing. Looking forward to see how they grow Tanya :)


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