Tuesday 25 May 2010

Present pictures...finally!!

I am aware that I said I would put up a post several days ago sharing with you a few of my birthday presents which were kind of for the allotment and therefore relevant to share....and I truly meant to do this but I have just been so busy so this is going to be nothing more than a picture post and I hope I will get more time to write tomorrow!!

Ugg wellies
Ugg Wellies from my brother, sister and brother-in-law. Very posh...very bright and very warm...you'll not miss me come winter!!!

Weird Fish wellies
Weird Fish wellies from the Hubby...these are for the wet warm days...very cool and I am sure I will be spotted a mile away...lol

outdoor clock/barometer
An outdoor clock/barometer from my Nephews. It turns to give you the temperature and every our has a different bird call sound....Have hung it just outside my back door!!

I got lots more nice stuff and felt thoroughly spoilt....thanks for all the wishes you sent me :-)


  1. I have had to wear rubber boots to pick garden greens it has been so wet.You made out well!

  2. You got boots for diva and fun occasions! The clock is just rocks! To hear different chirping every hour are simply addictive!

  3. Fab pressies. I love your wellies, both the Ugg ones and the fish ones, and the clock is just great too.

  4. Two pairs of wellies - now that is affluent! I have some pink ones too with spots! I had a photo taken for a newspaper once and realised I was wearing pink wellies and that the nation would see them!!! (well some of the nation) How embarrassing.

  5. Cool gifts. What you call wellies would be probably called farm boots around these parts but none quite so cute. I have a clock like that with the birds but mine is an indoor clock and only gives the time, and the bird sounds

  6. I have a thermometer that looks very similar to your clock. Mine has mammals instead of birds though.


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