Thursday 20 May 2010

So what did I buy for the allotment????

Ok...I have found the camera...the delivery has arrived (not in it's entirety but enough to let you all out of your misery!!) and I am very happy with what I have got so far. So you remember what I satrted with from the picture in yesterdays post....well below is as far as I had got last friday and so that was where the work began.

This the plot at the start of last Friday.

Firstly I had to level out the ground (well kind and then put some edging down to define a path. Then rough ground cover was added and into that planted an array of fruit twigs...erm I mean trees...and then finally the gravel was added!!

So.Ta da!!! This is how my plot now looks at the end!

I think you should be able to enlarge the picture to get a better look but within the gravel are planted apricot, conference pear, elspan apple, sunburst cherry, victoria plum and a bramley apple tree along with two blackberry bushes. I have also got three more grapvines planted in the greenhouse and I am still waiting for my orange and lemon trees...yes I am growing citrus fruits in the UK but they are on a special rootstock which will make them grow and come with a guarantee so I thought why not!!

conference pear treeThis is one of the twigs that wil become a doesn't look like much yet but will be lovely next year!

So what do you think??? I am very pleased with how it has all turned out, I am going to be getting some more pots to put on the gravel to plant salad and stuff in which will take away the bareness of the expanse and maybe a table to sit around in the summer....

A few other things I thought I would share in pictures!!

The sweetcorn is recovering nicely and the extra I sowed has also germinated so i will have plenty this year...YUM!

log pile
In trying to attract more wildlife I have added a small logpile at the top end and will do more little to features over the coming months too.

The Garlic did survive the fire and has shot up over the last week.

Also got some more potatoes in the ground and I am slowly getting through the new plot...with good weather forecast this weekend I am hoping to get some more work done on that side.

Tomorrow I will tell you about the cool birthday presents I received today...they are very cool (or hot depending on how you look at it!) and very relevant to my blog!!

Happy gardening!! :-)


  1. Did you say birthday? Is it your birthday today? Happy Birthday to you.
    You made excellent progress and it's looking great.

  2. You've really made a lot of progress. I remember my grandpa used to like planting trees in his yard. He liked pear, apple, and crab apple.

  3. You have a really great idea, may I know who make this wonderful original site??? Let's make a friend with me... :D

  4. Happy birthday, hope you have a good day. Your lottie is looking fab, you've put in such a lot of work. You're certainly going to have plenty of fruit with all those trees, and I look forward to seeing how you do with the citrus fruit.

  5. Happy birthday Tanya - you really have been busy - when everything is established it will be great. Mine was Monday so are you a Taurean like me?

    Three grapevines in a greenhouse though - you'll need to be ruthless with them.

  6. Really looks nice, and happy birthday, a celebration of life.Had a kid come by 2 days ago and he asked if my potatoes were up yet. I think he expects them to be like a tomatoe where you pick them all the time.A real city boy.

  7. Looks like you've made a good progress here despite the obstacles recently. The ground looks promising

  8. very nice the trees (twigs) will be a great I have a hankering for blackberry jam.....:)

  9. Hi

    Not caught up with your blog for a while so sorry to hear about the fire - what amazing progress since and Happy Birthday!


  10. Good to see that you are not deterred despite recent setbacks. Looks like you are getting on top of your plot. I hope you enjoyed your birthday!

  11. That looks great we planted our garden this weekend. I hope all goes well with yours.


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