Wednesday 26 May 2010

Weather watch Wednesday...week 21 2010.

Well the weather seems to have petered out a little. Over the weekend we were getting temperatures up to 32 degrees and now we are at more like 14 degrees which is less than half and after the warm spell it feels mighty cold.

The veggies don't seem to mind though and I am quite pleased with how things are growing...I have had to re-place my white sprouting broccoli so I was glad I didn't get rid of the extra seedling and I may also replace the kohl rabi as it also looks a little the worse for where after being slaughtered by the black beetles.

What we really could do with is some far the ground isn't too dry underneath but another couple of weeks of this dry weather and I will have no choice but to water my crops which isn't something I like to do.

Well the weather is said to be a few degrees warmer after today and I am currently hardening off my other plants ready to put in at the weekend and I am thinking of sowing a few more seeds as my cauli looks dreadful and my cabbage isn't doing too well.

I also have plans to get stuck in on the new plot this week so I might even have something worthwhile to write about!!


  1. Is it a flea beetle eating your kohlrabi?For most of my cole crops I use Bt to stave off worms.Imagine a soap solution gets beetles.We have had a heat wave so I saw my spinach is ready to bolt.

  2. We've had extremely nice weather since Sunday but it's supposed to cool off a little tomorrow. I'm just praying for lots of sunshine for the weekend

  3. I'd welcome your cooler temperatures. It's very hot here right now, and I don't like it one bit. I'd rather have cold rain.

  4. The weather can't make up it's mind what to do here at the moment. Yesterday we got spots of rain, but it never really came, but this morning the ground was wet through, so I suppose it came overnight. Today it's a bit windy and the sun keeps coming out then going back it again whilst it threatens rain. I just wish it would do one or the other.

  5. Weather is something that we can't control. Here in Singapore, the weather so hot till you can fried eggs on the top of your car hood, I'm serious! Sunny Side Up! :D

  6. Coldish here I'm afraid and just weak drizzly short spells of rain that are no good to anyone but keep you inside.


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