Saturday 15 May 2010

What's in the fridge???

Ok..This post will be nothing to do with the allotment...I did go down yesterday but forgot to take a 'finished' picture of what isn't quite finished and also my delivery never arrived on the date specified so I still can't show you what I have spent all that money on.// This post was inspired by Ann over at annssnapeditscrap and it isn't so much as what is in my fridge as what is 'ON' my fridge.

I am a magnet collector and get my friends and family...and friends of friends to pick me up magnets from all over...It's amazing how cool some of them are and I have quite a collection going on.

fridge magnetsThe side of my fridge

Besides the place name magnets which are all down the side of my 7" fridge I also have magnets on the front...and bits and bobs and stuff to remind me of special times, places, people and events that are going on.

fridge memories
The front of my fridge

Then below all of these are some magnets which are rattle toys for the littlies....mine are a bit old now but I keep them on for anyone visiting...oh and of course there is the artwork that the kids insist on sticking to the holds a lot of special memories...I think in the event of a fire I would have to save my fridge along with my photo albums!!

kids fridge
The kiddie bits!

So what's on your fridge???? Oh and if you've never visited Ann's site then go over and say 'Hi'.

As for the allotment...well it will still be there tomorrow as today we are off on a sponsored walk...and thankfully the sun is shine nicely outside for us!!


  1. WOW look at all those magnets. You've got me beat hands down. Thanks for the mention too. Enjoy the walk today.

  2. I've got a few magnets on my fridge, nowhere near as many as you have, but they're only there to hold school letters and reminders. Hope the sponsored walk went well today.

  3. Always get one when visiting a new place.A friend always examines mine each time she visits as looking at my work of art.Hers is magnet free, except for the one I placed secretly last time I was there. HA!

  4. My mum's magnet collection but its nowhere near your numbers.

    Some of the Kid's lighter crafty projects.

    Notes and memos.

    And a few recipes.

  5. Wow! You have a great set of fridge magnets! Amazing!

    Tanya, you are selected as candidate for a game on my post tomorrow. Please join! :)

  6. I have a few magnets, pictures of the wee ones in the family, and my granddaughter's artwork on my fridge. You have a great collection!


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