Sunday 20 June 2010

The Potatoes!!!!

Well the potatoes are coming on nicely.........the first and second earlies are now quite tall and both have lovely flowers on them.

I never did get them hilled up....would it be too late to do it now??? Is is even worth doing it now??? To be honest I'm not entirely sure why they are even hilled up...I think maybe they produce extra potatoes on the stems....but I could be wrong....I'm open to reasons/suggestions if anyone has would be nice to know whaty I'm doing something.

Also....if some people hill up when planting does this make a difference?? If not could I not just plant twice as deep??? O.K....guess that might make digging s little more stressful and to any comments!!


  1. The hilling is to keep the potatoes from any sun exposure which causes the poisonous green colour. When I don't have enough dirt handy for easy hilling I use straw instead...makes for very easy digging too.

  2. Hilling keeps the potatoes from sun exposure if they come above the soil line.

  3. the only thing I know about potatoes is that they can be found in the produce section of your local

  4. Which type of potatoes you planted Tanya?

  5. My second earlies are just coming in to flower now. The potatoes are earthed up so that the developing tubers are kept from the top of the soil where the sun may penetrate causing the potatoes to turn green and poisonous. It also encourages more tubers to form from the part of the stem which has been covered.

  6. You have invented a new gardening term - hilling!

    Just keep and eye out for any potatoes peeking out and cover any with soil.

  7. Thanks for all your help people...i think I will just keep an eye on things that are growing and see if any start to show above the soil.

    GLA thanks for the new gardening term reference....d'you think I should get it patented???lol What's it called if not 'hilling'????

    Vanilla seven i have grown 5 different varities this year.

    First earlies ...rocket
    second earlies...maris peer and charlotte.
    Main crop King Edwards and Desiree....can't wait to sample them all!!!

  8. Show us before you devoured them please? :)

  9. I don't have any idea how to grow a potatoes. With all comment I get some idea tho :)

    Nice to visit your site.


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