Wednesday 2 June 2010

Weather watch Wednesday...week 22 2010. And....the unknown plant?!?!?!

Well the weather cooled down enough to get some planting done without the seedlings immediately wilting last Friday and then we had a good dose of rain last Saturday giving everything a real 'pick me up'.

Sunday saw the winds getting up so i didn't get to the plot but got a little done on Monday ...that's right people...a bank holiday with no rain!!!

Tuesday was LOTS of rain and I even managed to collect some in my water butts which was very impressive and gave the earth a really good soaking....the plants are looking happier!!

Temperatures this week have stayed in the double figures and been quite humid but nothing above 19 degrees...hoping this warm day wet day thing hangs around for a while as it's kind of nice to get things done and nor have to worry...hope the weather is being this kind to the rest of you.

Now to the you know i have a little gardening job and Maureen who I garden for was given a flowering plant for her birthday but between us
we have no idea what it is so don't know how to treat it...indoors or outdoors?? Full sun or shade?? Anyone got any ideas as to what it is???

unknown plantAll help welcome!!!


  1. I haven't a clue what the flower is but it's gorgeous.

  2. We had a gorgeous day here yesterday and it looks like it's going to stay the same today. I hope it doesn't rain as we're going to the coast. Sorry, no idea about the plant.

  3. Is it a celosia or cockscomb?
    Try Googling images to check. If so I think it is an annualy or at least a short lived pot plant - I think you can bed them in summer.

    No filling of our water but I'm afraid.

  4. Can't really help either (although I'd go so far as to say you can't eat it lol) I'm afraid but as Ann said it looks lovely...

  5. Think Green Lane got it, perhaps a amaranth, but definitly an annual.Save some seeds for next year. If it is celiosa they are tiny, shiny , black. A few will come off if you tap it.Nice plant!

  6. It really is a beautiful plant. I'm glad someone already knows what it is because plants aren't in my knowledge area yet.

  7. I got no idea what plant is that...Looks lovely. Do you ever planted Fairy Rose? Mine almost 5 weeks and still no sign from the seeds..

  8. Has been raining all day here today. I have to say I am actually quite glad to see some rain - the garden certainly needs it!


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