Thursday 17 June 2010

Weather watch Wednesday...week 24 2010, and First day of the season.......

Well I'm a little late with the weather watch this week but that's because yesterday was a little hectic....first to the weather!!
clear skyBeautiful skies.

Weather wise it's pretty much the same as last week....rain out of nowhere...a few harsh winds...warm when it feels like it and balmy nights. No drought as was predicted earlier in the year yet and with the horrific thunderstorms my water tubs are filling up nicely and the gardens are looking green and growing lovely!!

First day of fishing season yesterday (that's if you go by the old laws which we still stick too!!) I popped down to the bank to see my Dad and brother and stayed for a while...I didn't catch anything but manged to lose a good size Tench :-( least I got a bite thought!!

maggotsMaggots for bait.

Also my sisters birthday so we went out for a lovely meal too....this was all achieved around working and housework hence the lateness of this post!!//

fishing float
Patiently watching the float!!!

Did get down the plot last Tuesday and managed to get the last of the spuds in...HOORAY!!!! now I am going to sow some late seeds as I get the rest of the ground prepared!!!//


  1. It was a gorgeous day here yesterday and it looks like today's going to be the same. Sounds like you had a good day.

  2. I'll have to make sure you never get near my garden pond!

  3. Glad to hear the weather seems to be favorable for growing a garden. Sounds like you had a busy week.

  4. Hi Tanya, just to let you know that you have won a paint kit in my Ecosense giveaway!! Can you leave me your details here so I can arrange for your paint to be sent to you.

  5. You've been a busy bee for sure but it looks as if the gardening is progressing nicely.

  6. Those are very colorful maggots...I thought they only come in yellowish/cream of some


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