Wednesday 30 June 2010

Weather watch Wednesday...week 26 2010,

Well the weather is pretty much the same this week. We had a heavy shower at 5am on Tuesday but it only lasted for half an hour so didn't do much for the gardens.

Temperature still in the mid 20's, sunny most days but occasionally overcast with the threat of rain which never quite happens.

Good for us...not so great for the gardens!!

At present they are still holding there own and so far I haven't had to water but I am starting to think if we don't get some rain in the next couple of weeks then I may have to start giving the plot a drink.

Allotment is doing well but will tell youj more about that in another post!!!


  1. Well I hope you get the rain you need or should I say that the plants need?

  2. After all the lovely weather we've had recently we're forcast rain today, and my son is on a field trip. How typical is that? Still, I'm not convinced it's going to rain, the sun is out at the moment.

  3. Just a little rain for us on Monday night but nothing much. It's dry, dry dry!

  4. Just got back from living in a tent for a week and was happy to stay dry.Now it will turn real hot. Good for my corn and tomatoes.

  5. I'm glad everything is going so well right now. I hope it continues.


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