Saturday 31 July 2010

Fairwell allotment....look after yourself!!!

Well this was supposed to be a great post with lots of pictures but as is usual for this time of year time has run out a lot quicker than I expected!!

In a couple of hours we are off on holiday so the allotment ha got to take care of itself for a week. I have someone watering my greenhouse but other than that it should be fine.

I was hoping to get some more peas sown before I went away but that didn't happen although I did get the butternut squash and cabbages planted out so it wasn't total failure!! Also got a little tidying up done but didn't have the camera with me to take any photos as it was already in place to be packed!

I'm hoping to get time during the week to do my weather watch but it won't be for my area as we are off to Wales so we shall see how the weather is over there.

We are only gone for a week so I'm sure the allotment will not perish in my absence and I look forward to see if anything has happened with those melons upon my return.

Hope you all have a good week, wherever you are and whatever you are doing!!

Wednesday 28 July 2010

Weather watch Wednesday...week 30 2010....and the answer!!!

Well I think the easiest way to describe the weather this past week is....'changeable'!!!

Is that even really a word???

We have had brilliant sunshine, freshness, humidity, heat and cool though nothing that requires more than a light jumper....oh and all of this is happening throughout the same day every day....the good thing is the gardens are getting a good watering...the bad thing is this is feeding the weeds nicely too!!!!

Oh well, I won't complain to much about it...I'm getting washing dry if I'm quick to get it off the line and I am not lugging watering cans about so there is a plus side to everything!

Now onto the mystery fruit/vegetable.

Well it is indeed a fruit which most of you should have known the minute I cut it open, for those of you who didn't know then, well if there are seeds inside then it is a fruit!!

The only person who got it right...and then they had a question mark was 'Out on the prairie'

It is a pumpkin...I know it isn't the shape a pumpkin is supposed to be and I don't know how they will look once full grown but that is what was planted. It is near a marrow and courgette plant to maybe this has something to do with it and something else has been born from cross pollination...I guess only time will tell and I will keep you all informed on how it turns out.

Nothing much to report from the allotment side of things though I'm hoping to get a little work done up there over the next couple of days.

Hope you all enjoyed the game...what do you think of the answer??


Tuesday 27 July 2010

Have a second guess with the new photo!!!

Okay...I think I was a little mean yesterday as I gave you no indication of age or size of the fruit/vegetable so I will tell you now that it definitely isn't full size and from holding the fruit/vegetable you can see better what size it is at the moment.

fruit in palm of hand
The unidentified item held in the palm of my sons hand...a lot smaller than it should be.

This shouldn't have been picked now and also should not remain this colour....or even this shape....does that help any of you out????

fruit cut in half
And as a little more of a clue here is the above item cut in half...does seeing the inside help??

So there we have it...that is everything I am going to tell you about it...I can confirm that so far no-one has been right so if you all want to try again I will tell you exactly what it is in tomorrows post!!


Monday 26 July 2010

Are you ready for the guessing game??? it's not rocket science...I just want you to look at the photo and tell me what the fruit/veg will become!!

Maybe not telling you whether it will be fruit or veg is me being a little sneaky or maybe it's because I'm not sure what class it goes into...that you will have to try and figure for yourselves.

I know what seed was planted...where the seedling was put
...and what goes next to it...maybe these factors might change things and maybe not, all I know is I am looking forward to seeing answers from you all!!

unidentified fruit/veg
So here is the mystery fruit/veg. I promise this photo had not been altered in any way!!

purple peas
Oh and just to finish is a photo of the purple peas...only the pods are purple open up to normal juicy green peas!!


Sunday 25 July 2010

A good harvest...and a surprise!!

Well I popped down the plot today not to really do anything but had some nice surprises and managed to harvesy a few chillis, beetroot, carrots, my first cucumber a courgette, marrow, some raspberries and some dwarf beans...not bad really since I wasn't expecting much.

I found something which i really can't identify and also my melon plants have fruit on which is very exciting!!

My orange tree is blossoming as are my new blackberry bushes so fruit should hopefully follow.

Making quite a bit of progress with the new half and it will be all hands on deck this week to get it sorted before I go on my annual holiday.

Of course as always I didn't take my camera but tomorrow I will take the camera to the plot and you can all help me identify the unknown...don't you just love guessing games!!

Thursday 22 July 2010

Allotment sucess...well a little bit!!!

Well I popped up the allotment last week and actually remembered to take the camera and ever since then I have been meaning to write a post!!

kohl rabi
My Kohl Rabi isn't doing so great but Dave who I also gave some seedlings to has had a good crop so kindly gave me a few to try.

I had a go at digging up a carrot and I have to say I am very impressed with this specimen...a little forked at the end but it tasted delicious...hope the others are as good when I dig them!!

More beetroot dug and slow roasted in the oven....simply delicious!!

international kidney first early potatoes
These are some 'International Kidney' potatoes which are the Jersey Royal seed potatoes you buy...I haven't grown these but was given some to try and while though don't taste exactly the same it is a very close contest!

Well that was last weekends harvest ans since then I have picked some courgettes and was so nice to have our first stuffed marrow for tea today...I know you can always buy them but now I grow my own I like to wait until I can pick my own...always makes things taste so much better!

My peas have been a total disaster...full of maggot and hardly filled out pods made them inedible....I was very disappointed but i think I will try sowing some more and see how a late crop does...after all at this stage I have nothing to lose!!

Other crops seem to be coming on nicely and the marrow is trying to take over the plot so I will be culling that a little this week....some rain today has wet the earth nicely giving everything a well earned drink.

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Weather watch Wednesday...week 29 2010. what can I say about the weather?!?!?!

It's hot, humid, muggy, close and gross!!!

One good thing is today was my last day of work for the summer holidays with the kids so at least I can avoid going out unless necessary...don't get me wrong I love the heat but this stickiness is totally revolting....not much rain to speak of but the ground isn't too dry underneath so I haven't got to water yet.

Hopefully I will get down the plot to get some serious work done this week and have plenty of pictures for you to see!!

Heavy rain and forecast for tomorrow but they've said that every day this week and we are still waiting!!


Saturday 17 July 2010

The re-cycled green house and cherry picking!!!

My Nephew is just 9 years old and the Headteacher of the primary school he attends is very conscious of 'growing you own' and recycling stuff.

He is also a great nature lover and likes to pass all these things onto the children through their learning at school.
As a result of this the school has it's own little allotment where the children can grow their own produce to cook in school, a lovely nature are with a pond and different ways to attract bugs and critters to this little area and now a recycled greenhouse!

re-cycled greenhouseThe re-cycled greenhouse.

This is by far one of the biggest projects they have embarked upon and it is all made from materials which would have been wasted and of course the children got involved by bringing in the empty bottles.

I think it looks great even though the whole thing isn't quite finished yet and I think it is a really good thing to be getting the children involved with.

They also have some fantastic cherry trees down at the school and with permission (oh, and the promise of some jam next week!) I went down and picked a good bucket full of cherries.

cooking cherriesCherries simmering for the jelly!

I currently have some on the stove preparing to make cherry jelly and have about half left so if any of you have any favourite cherry recipes you'd like to share I would love to hear them!!

Thursday 15 July 2010

Weather watch Wednesday...week 28 2010, and purple peas!!!

Well weather was pretty much the same up until Monday...Very hot and strong winds at times.

Monday changed all that with wet and colder/fresher weather.....the rain started and carried on all day.......Tuesday was greay and more rain but with a horrible mugginess to the air....we've had thunder and lightening too....I would have thought in this day and age they could devise something to make it rain all night and be fine all day.....Don't get me wrong i am glad of the rain for the allotment but did we have to have so much of it?!?!?!

And it's still forecasting more rain.. :-(

On a different note...have you ever seen purple peas??? Well the actual peas aren't purple but the pods are...I'm sure they have been modified to be this way but it is very easy to see your chance of missing the pods at all. I haven't grown them but an allotment neigbour has....Anyone else ever grown them?? They look kind of weird but they tasted fine...if the rain ever stops I will go and take a picture for you!

Oh and I have a humongous courgette....with all the rain just don't want to trudge across the mud to get it!

Wednesday 7 July 2010

Weather watch Wednesday...week 27 2010, and a bit of salad!!

Well the weather has been weird this's never really cooled down much and the rain which keeps threatening across the sky has never fallen on us.

windy trees
See how the wind is thrashing about the trees?!?!

It has seemed cooler though as we have had some high winds and my Hubby went and rescued my water butt from a neighbouring allotment on Sunday.

Really getting desperate for rain...and I hope the winds don't stay too long, so far the veggies are holding their own but there is only so much punishment they can stand.

My Dad busy weeding.

On a brighter note my Dad has been helping with the weeding...and it is a lot easier than the digging.

mixed salad leaves
Lovely mixed salad freshly cut!

We've also had some nice salad this week...oh and the courgette glut has started...I planted two courgette plants at intervals but one got killed off in those nasty frosts and then decided to revive itself so now both plant are producing at the same time....typical!!!

Monday 5 July 2010

Digging the first early potatoes!!!

Well...I thought I would have a go and digging the spuds last week and was very pleased with the outcome.

This is the first earlies that I planted and although a lot of people down the allotment are trying and only digging up marbles I have some beauties and we have already had them for several dinners...they taste delicious and boil up lovely!!!

first early rocket potatoes
The first early rocket potatoes freshly dug.

Got a bit of work done on the allotment last week...pulled up the radishes that had bolted and re-sowed some more as well as finally getting the spring onion seedlings in the ground.

Also pulled the salad leaves that had bolted and re-sowed.

Have a few things which are ready and have been enjoying the beetroot, lettuce, courgettes, broad beans and strawberries.

Kindly a friend let me strip there redcurrant bush that they have in the garden last week as I didn't get many so I have also made some redcurrant jelly!!

Managed to get a bit of weeding done but not much really...hoping to get some more done this week!!

Also....apologies to anyone who left a comment on my last post that didn't get published but blogger seems to have eaten some!!