Thursday 22 July 2010

Allotment sucess...well a little bit!!!

Well I popped up the allotment last week and actually remembered to take the camera and ever since then I have been meaning to write a post!!

kohl rabi
My Kohl Rabi isn't doing so great but Dave who I also gave some seedlings to has had a good crop so kindly gave me a few to try.

I had a go at digging up a carrot and I have to say I am very impressed with this specimen...a little forked at the end but it tasted delicious...hope the others are as good when I dig them!!

More beetroot dug and slow roasted in the oven....simply delicious!!

international kidney first early potatoes
These are some 'International Kidney' potatoes which are the Jersey Royal seed potatoes you buy...I haven't grown these but was given some to try and while though don't taste exactly the same it is a very close contest!

Well that was last weekends harvest ans since then I have picked some courgettes and was so nice to have our first stuffed marrow for tea today...I know you can always buy them but now I grow my own I like to wait until I can pick my own...always makes things taste so much better!

My peas have been a total disaster...full of maggot and hardly filled out pods made them inedible....I was very disappointed but i think I will try sowing some more and see how a late crop does...after all at this stage I have nothing to lose!!

Other crops seem to be coming on nicely and the marrow is trying to take over the plot so I will be culling that a little this week....some rain today has wet the earth nicely giving everything a well earned drink.


  1. The carrots remind me of the ones my dad used to get in his garden. Some of them had the strangest shape to them but they were always huge and very delicious.

    I wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about the paw it forward, I've just been lazy :) I will get that out to you soon I promise.

  2. You have overall a great harvest Tanya. Don't let few set back bring you down. Curious on how you cook that kidney potatoes... hmm..

  3. Looks like everything is doing well for you. I always grow my peas under netting, it would put me off for life if I found creepy crawlies in the pods. I've dug up some International Kidney potatoes this week too.

  4. Carrots that you grow yourself are great whatever the shape!! We're growing International Kidney too but haven't dug them yet - apparently the taste of potatoes varies depending on soil type, conditions, watering etc. It means it's hard to recommend a variety to others. IK don't usually taste just the same as Jersey Royals grown on Jersey in their soil and with their climate.

  5. Love the layout of your lotty blog. Will pop a link to you on my blog. Excellent blog :)

    All the best, Craig.

  6. There is nothing quite like home grown produce. It almost always has more taste than what you get out of a supermarket...Wish I had a garden..!

  7. All looks good, it's a great time of year with loads of veg coming off the plot. Not tried IK, eating Charlotte and Anya at the moment.

  8. Food that is grown instead of bought seems to always taste better. There are so many reasons. I think the first is the feeling of accomplishment. But food is more natural this way. Having fresh vegetables was what made me actually like them for the first time. I miss those days.


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