Monday 5 July 2010

Digging the first early potatoes!!!

Well...I thought I would have a go and digging the spuds last week and was very pleased with the outcome.

This is the first earlies that I planted and although a lot of people down the allotment are trying and only digging up marbles I have some beauties and we have already had them for several dinners...they taste delicious and boil up lovely!!!

first early rocket potatoes
The first early rocket potatoes freshly dug.

Got a bit of work done on the allotment last week...pulled up the radishes that had bolted and re-sowed some more as well as finally getting the spring onion seedlings in the ground.

Also pulled the salad leaves that had bolted and re-sowed.

Have a few things which are ready and have been enjoying the beetroot, lettuce, courgettes, broad beans and strawberries.

Kindly a friend let me strip there redcurrant bush that they have in the garden last week as I didn't get many so I have also made some redcurrant jelly!!

Managed to get a bit of weeding done but not much really...hoping to get some more done this week!!

Also....apologies to anyone who left a comment on my last post that didn't get published but blogger seems to have eaten some!!


  1. Haven't dug any potatoes yet but we have tipped out all the growing bags now and are using those potatoes first. At least you've beaten any possible blight!

  2. Like to add some rosemary,garlic and butter to those new potatoes.I can make a whole meal out of them.

  3. Well just look at those potatoes. I wish I had potatoes growing after the last bag I bought at the store. I was making potato salad the other day and every other one I pulled out of the bag was rotten.

    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner but I wanted to let you know that your cats are included in Duke's paw it forward. I just need you to send me your address again.

  4. It looks like you have had a good productive time. I think good potatoes are a good sign of things to come.

  5. Oh! So that's how rocket potatoes looks like! Any difference in taste and texture compared to normal potatoes?

    ps: Redcurrant jelly sounds wickedly delicious :)

  6. I'm using up the containers first before I dig any up from the allotment. I'm really pleased with the ones we've had so far.

  7. Those potatoes are super cute. I haven't dug mine out yet of the pot but seeing yours makes me excited to do so.


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