Sunday 25 July 2010

A good harvest...and a surprise!!

Well I popped down the plot today not to really do anything but had some nice surprises and managed to harvesy a few chillis, beetroot, carrots, my first cucumber a courgette, marrow, some raspberries and some dwarf beans...not bad really since I wasn't expecting much.

I found something which i really can't identify and also my melon plants have fruit on which is very exciting!!

My orange tree is blossoming as are my new blackberry bushes so fruit should hopefully follow.

Making quite a bit of progress with the new half and it will be all hands on deck this week to get it sorted before I go on my annual holiday.

Of course as always I didn't take my camera but tomorrow I will take the camera to the plot and you can all help me identify the unknown...don't you just love guessing games!!


  1. I grow a gold raspberry that is an ever bearing going until it frosts.Like black for jam best.Orange blossoms are an all time favorite scent.

  2. sounds like a very bountiful harvest. I'm not very good at guessing things but I'll certainly give it a try :)

  3. Awesome! Looking forward to see your surprise plant Tanya :)

  4. Hi Tanya, thanks for stopping by my blog and posting. How long you had your plot? :)

  5. You sound to be doing better with your melons that we are - what variety is it?

  6. GLA...don't know what variety of just said 'Melon' on the they are grow they are turning yellow and the shape at the minute is similar to honeydew.

    Hi Craig. I now have a whole plot in two separate halves...the first half I got in 2008 and the second just his it and I'm so glad I finally got some land. :-)

  7. Ooo lucky you :) just got a half me. To make the most of the space, I am planning it meticulously lol :D

    Is your plot in the sunny south then? ;)

  8. No I'm in the east midlands.....sunny when it thinks it will be...rainy quite a bit with lots of wind!!!

    It all works out ok though...had some disasters and some good crops....I don't go in much for planning...I just grow the seedlings and plant as ready.....


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