Tuesday 27 July 2010

Have a second guess with the new photo!!!

Okay...I think I was a little mean yesterday as I gave you no indication of age or size of the fruit/vegetable so I will tell you now that it definitely isn't full size and from holding the fruit/vegetable you can see better what size it is at the moment.

fruit in palm of hand
The unidentified item held in the palm of my sons hand...a lot smaller than it should be.

This shouldn't have been picked now and also should not remain this colour....or even this shape....does that help any of you out????

fruit cut in half
And as a little more of a clue here is the above item cut in half...does seeing the inside help??

So there we have it...that is everything I am going to tell you about it...I can confirm that so far no-one has been right so if you all want to try again I will tell you exactly what it is in tomorrows post!!



  1. Missed the picture yesterday, as don't get around to visiting often.
    Is it a loofah?

  2. ok my other thought yesterday was a butternut squash. Other than those two guesses I have no clue.

  3. Pumpkin?Or a cross with summer and winter squash?

  4. Courgette, they call it here.

    Looks good inside.

  5. First thing I thought was a marrow or a corgette. Guess you'll have us guessing until we are blue in the face :D

    Did the seed arrive on the back of a meteorite from out of space and crash land onto the fertile soils of your plot? :D

  6. At this stage it does look like a zucchini/courgette, but as it grows bigger I wonder will it develop into - a loofah? the ones I've seen are a little different shape. What a mystery hah?

  7. It definitely has all the characteristics of one of the cucurbit family which leaves cucmbers, melons and gourds. So next guess is a cucumber!

  8. Hahahaha... I just want to guess watermelon kellee.
    In Malaysia we have some vegetable name patola, this look like it.


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