Wednesday 7 July 2010

Weather watch Wednesday...week 27 2010, and a bit of salad!!

Well the weather has been weird this's never really cooled down much and the rain which keeps threatening across the sky has never fallen on us.

windy trees
See how the wind is thrashing about the trees?!?!

It has seemed cooler though as we have had some high winds and my Hubby went and rescued my water butt from a neighbouring allotment on Sunday.

Really getting desperate for rain...and I hope the winds don't stay too long, so far the veggies are holding their own but there is only so much punishment they can stand.

My Dad busy weeding.

On a brighter note my Dad has been helping with the weeding...and it is a lot easier than the digging.

mixed salad leaves
Lovely mixed salad freshly cut!

We've also had some nice salad this week...oh and the courgette glut has started...I planted two courgette plants at intervals but one got killed off in those nasty frosts and then decided to revive itself so now both plant are producing at the same time....typical!!!


  1. We've been hit with some really hot dry weather here. We thought it was going to rain the other day, we got a few sprinkles for a couple seconds and that was it.
    The salad looks yummy

  2. Lovely salad!

    Hope you treat your Dad in return for his efforts.

  3. It was windy here too yesterday and we only had 0.2mm of rain - when out in it you didn't even get wet!! We have just started our courgettes too - yellow ones first. Fresh salad leaves are great aren't they - they have a crunch that you can't buy!

  4. It's been the same sort of weather here. We've had a couple of spots of rain, literally. It threatens and then it stops again.

  5. Would like to send you some rain, we haven't had more than 3-4 days without it since spring.They evacuated a portion of my city, floods were really getting deep and crossing roads.My corn is tasseling and have eaten others already done.

  6. The force of survival is strong in this plant. Nice fresh looking salad :)

  7. Not seen rain here in ages! It is like one big dust bowl here!


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