Thursday 15 July 2010

Weather watch Wednesday...week 28 2010, and purple peas!!!

Well weather was pretty much the same up until Monday...Very hot and strong winds at times.

Monday changed all that with wet and colder/fresher weather.....the rain started and carried on all day.......Tuesday was greay and more rain but with a horrible mugginess to the air....we've had thunder and lightening too....I would have thought in this day and age they could devise something to make it rain all night and be fine all day.....Don't get me wrong i am glad of the rain for the allotment but did we have to have so much of it?!?!?!

And it's still forecasting more rain.. :-(

On a different note...have you ever seen purple peas??? Well the actual peas aren't purple but the pods are...I'm sure they have been modified to be this way but it is very easy to see your chance of missing the pods at all. I haven't grown them but an allotment neigbour has....Anyone else ever grown them?? They look kind of weird but they tasted fine...if the rain ever stops I will go and take a picture for you!

Oh and I have a humongous courgette....with all the rain just don't want to trudge across the mud to get it!


  1. We've had the same sort of weather here. There was a thunder storm last night, but it's brightened up again today.

  2. Hi Tanya - we had torrential rain and thubderstorms yesterday and during the night! See our weather blog. The sort of rain that batters everything down.

    We grew purple podded peas once - they have lovely purple flowers too - we weren't impressed by the flavour though!

  3. The squash just get bigger, I pick under hand size. When I had lots I yelled at the ladies next door to see if they want some, "How Big?" they replied.I had shared my big ones with them already.I grew purple beans so the peas sound fun.

  4. Purple peas? wow, would love to see a picture of those.


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