Wednesday 21 July 2010

Weather watch Wednesday...week 29 2010. what can I say about the weather?!?!?!

It's hot, humid, muggy, close and gross!!!

One good thing is today was my last day of work for the summer holidays with the kids so at least I can avoid going out unless necessary...don't get me wrong I love the heat but this stickiness is totally revolting....not much rain to speak of but the ground isn't too dry underneath so I haven't got to water yet.

Hopefully I will get down the plot to get some serious work done this week and have plenty of pictures for you to see!!

Heavy rain and forecast for tomorrow but they've said that every day this week and we are still waiting!!



  1. I'm the same, I like the heat but not the humidity. Makes you feel miserable. Hope you get some of that rain before you're forced to water

  2. We keep having some downpours. The sky is getting darker again right now. I hope it brightens up for the next couple of weeks though as we go on holiday tomorrow.

  3. I'm not a hot weather person but at the moment here webbed feet are more the order of the day!


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