Wednesday 28 July 2010

Weather watch Wednesday...week 30 2010....and the answer!!!

Well I think the easiest way to describe the weather this past week is....'changeable'!!!

Is that even really a word???

We have had brilliant sunshine, freshness, humidity, heat and cool though nothing that requires more than a light jumper....oh and all of this is happening throughout the same day every day....the good thing is the gardens are getting a good watering...the bad thing is this is feeding the weeds nicely too!!!!

Oh well, I won't complain to much about it...I'm getting washing dry if I'm quick to get it off the line and I am not lugging watering cans about so there is a plus side to everything!

Now onto the mystery fruit/vegetable.

Well it is indeed a fruit which most of you should have known the minute I cut it open, for those of you who didn't know then, well if there are seeds inside then it is a fruit!!

The only person who got it right...and then they had a question mark was 'Out on the prairie'

It is a pumpkin...I know it isn't the shape a pumpkin is supposed to be and I don't know how they will look once full grown but that is what was planted. It is near a marrow and courgette plant to maybe this has something to do with it and something else has been born from cross pollination...I guess only time will tell and I will keep you all informed on how it turns out.

Nothing much to report from the allotment side of things though I'm hoping to get a little work done up there over the next couple of days.

Hope you all enjoyed the game...what do you think of the answer??



  1. a pumpkin, well what do you know. I wouldn't have guessed that in a million years.

  2. Pumpkin? that small? Cucumber is closer :P

  3. Don't quote me on this, but being in the vicinity of the plants which you describe, I do not think it can influence this years growth, it may well as it grows become more like the pumpkins we know. If they are in the same family of some kind, then the seeds may well come up trumps next year so hold onto some. I am sure there is a reader out there who could explain things better.

  4. So does it look like it shows on the seed packet? We have an All Green Bush courgette - as you can guess it should be green - but ours is stripy. Maybe quality control on seed packet filling isn't what it should be!

  5. Think i'll have a dabble with giant pumpkins next year, pumpkin pie, on the house :D lol. Used to love carving the faces out of them.

  6. If you plant too close some species do cross over. I thought pumpkin because the commercial fields have similar fruits.We thought we had found watermelons once until we got closer.

  7. Our weather has been similar here, but with much more humidity and rain. The humidity gets very bad. I thought that fruit was some kind of squash when I saw it, but I had no idea what kind.


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