Friday 20 August 2010

At last some work done on the allotment!!!!

Well it's just gone 10pm and I'm dog tired but figured I should get this post up quick in the hopes that I can get back to the allotment again tomorrow!!

I got quite a lot of weeding done today and I also managed to come home with a wheelbarrow full of produce so I was quite pleased when I arrived home.....even if I was very wet and dirty!!

Now it's going to turn into a mostly picture post...lazy but effective and less thinking to be done!!These are only the 'Before' pictures as I was way to dirty to touch the camera but the time I was due to come home.

grapeschili peppers

Above are my grape vines that are going to be moved at the end of the season and my mammoth chili peppers which the kids are convinced even smell hot!!

melonherb patch

My melon is on the right and I held it so you could get an idea of the size. I only have two this big but I'm not bothered...I have enjoyed learning by error and hope it matures fully.My herb patch is on the left and looking very healthy!!


On the right is my way out of control pumpkin which has now been severely hacked back and my sweetcorn is on the left which I am very proud of as this is the first year I have ever manged to get some to germinate....can't wait for it to be ripe enough to pick!!

old allotmentnew allotment

And finally an overall view of the plot, on the right the plot of two years and the bare gaps you see are where I have dug the potatoes and on the left is the new plot from this year, as you can see there are plenty of weeds about and on the new plot nothing is planted in the middle but I will keep working on the land!!

Well that's about it really, I wanted some winter plants this year but have run out of time so I think I am going to bite the bullet and order some plug plants from 'Suttons' as they have an offer on and I figure it's better than having nothing at all. I have now dug all my 'Maris Peer' potatoes and will start on the 'Charlottes this weekend....(just have to remember where I planted them!!)

The allotment is now looking a lot tidier than in the photos and weather permitting tomorrow I will get a couple of picks so you can see the difference!

Oh and harvested today were, beetroot, kohl rabi, french dwarf beans, runner beans, courgettes, marrow, maris peer potatoes, carrots, chili's, raspberries oh and I pulled up and laid my onions!!

Oh and just to let you know...i have only had one taker on my 'Paw it forward post', so if you haven't read that one please take a look and say in your comment if you want to take part.


  1. Wow, everything looks wonderful. Those chili peppers are so big.

  2. Like you we are hoping for at least one melon - three have set but none as big as yours yet. We cames across the third by accident hiding in the leaves.

    A chilli that size is just too scary for me!

  3. It's a great feeling when you have a productive day. I hope you've managed to get to the plot again today. I'm impressed with your melon, I hope it manages to reach maturity.

  4. Your pumpkins are looking good, the actual fruit on mine is almost ripe but the leaves are covered in powdery mildew and look a sorry sight.

  5. That pepper looks fantastic. It was peppers from the garden that taught me that they taste great on hamburgers.


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