Tuesday 24 August 2010

Some tomato help please.

Well we are having a very good year for our tomatoes and as they are in such great abundance I wanted to make some fresh tomato soup as it's one of my favourite soups.

I am wanting to make a thin soup not a creamy one and after looking around quite a lot I have found several recipes but they all seem to be containing garlic and lots of herbs.
For myself only this isn't a problem as I love these ingredients however I wanted to make some for my Mum too as she has always grown my tomato plants from seed for me and she too loves tomato soup but doesn't like a lot of herbs and hates garlic full stop, so I was hoping I could produce a soup that she could enjoy as most of them in the stores she doesn't like due to the herbs and garlic added.

tomatoesDon't you jut love the smell of freshly picked tomatoes!!

So do any of you have a recipe for tomato soup that doesn't contain garlic and herbs?? It isn't really too much of a problem to make a recipe and play around a bit nut I thought I would check first to see if such a recipe does exist....Here's hoping you can help.

Thanks :-)

Oh...and my favourite way to eat tomatoes....skinned....quartered and then a little salt and pepper cracked over them then left in a dish about half hour at room temperature before eating...delicious!!

How do you like your tomatoes??


  1. Juice those tomatoes and strain to romove all seed and skin. Thicken when cooking with some corn starch mixed with a little water, adding it slowly to get the consistency you like. My favorite dishes are gazpacho, bacon lettuce and tomatoe sandwiches on toast, and in a salad.

  2. I like to have them with a little salt, although I'll give it a try with some pepper next time (I like to try different things).
    Here's a recipe that I use with our tomatoes. I know that it has garlic and herbs in it, but it might give you something you can play around with. I found that by roasting the tomatoes and veggies, it gives it a whole new layer of flavor. I hope this helps...


  3. I've never attempted to make tomato soup any other way than opening the can...lol I would think you could just use the same recipe just omit the spices that you don't want.

    That picture is making me hungry for a tomato sandwich. YUM

  4. I've never made tomato soup so can't help with a recipie. My favourite way to eat tomatoes are on the top of cheese on toast, or in a cheese sandwich.

  5. Can't really help you with the soup as I like mine with lots of herbs and garlic. I like my tomatoes cooked/dried in a very low oven with some olive oil, garlic and rosemary. It can take up to a couple of hours depending on how big your tomatoes are, but the results are fantastic. Put in a jar with some olive oil and use with pasta, bruschetta, couscous, salad, etc.....

  6. I like sliced tomatoes sprinkled with a little bit of sugar, chill it in the fridge for awhile :)

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  8. I usually eat my tomatoes in a sandwich. Most of the time they are added to whatever kind of meat, like hamburger. But sometimes I eat just a tomato sandwich with nothing else. I never cared much for tomato soup, so I wouldn't be much help there.

  9. LOL I like my tomatoes to grow!! We are not having a good tomato year! Possibly because we haven't got a decent greenhouse here, and we need one on the top of our hill!

    As for tomato soup recipes, I like this one:
    Cook as is or use a base for some culinary fiddling!


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