Wednesday 18 August 2010

Weather watch Wednesday...week 33 2010.

Well I know I have missed a couple of weather watches but to be perfectly honest you really haven't missed out on anything exciting.

Whilst we were in Wales and the weather although not hot was pleasantly warm and stayed dry for us my sister told me that there was A LOT of heavy rain at home so I really was pleased with our holiday weather.

Upon returning home there was sun and warmth for a few days....just long enough for me to get all the washing dry and restock the cupboards and get some other stuff done...then the minute I had some time to get to the allotment the heavens opened and we had horrific thunder storms too.

Of course this week has been pretty much the same...the wind is usually whipping around and I am pleased to say that burying my tomato tubs slightly has done the trick as I haven't had to rescue them once this year but the rain lashing as it does is quite painful at times.

I have decided though to not care about the weather this weekend...I WILL go to the plot...even if I do have to swim there!!!!!


  1. Glad to hear you had good weather while you were away. Isn't that the way the rain always works. Just when you find the time to get outside to get things done it comes around.

  2. That's a great attitude Tanya. You will see the fruits of your labor soon :)

  3. Glad to hear that the weather was good for you whilst you were away. We've still got some good weather here, it's nice and sunny and quite warm.

  4. We had one visit to the plot where we ended up sitting drinking coffee in the shed watching it tip down on the newly lifted potatoes - no thunder though!

  5. It feels like it has been rain, rain and more rain recently. It would be nice if it could be spread out a bit over the summer really rather than going from drought to flood!


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